1 – Lando NORRIS (McLaren)

2 – Carlos SAINZ (Ferrari)

3 – George RUSSELL (Williams)


(Conducted by Johnny Herbert) 

Q: Lando Norris, your first pole peril, how does that feel?

Lando NORRIS: Oh boy! It feels incredible. I don’t know what to deliver. It became as soon as reasonably a manic session but it absolutely became as soon as also going effectively and clearly made the choice within the reside to head slicks. But I don’t know, you by no come deem you will rep a pole till you rep it and now I’ve managed to manufacture it. Yeah, ecstatic and expedient thanks to the team as effectively, they did an overwhelming job.

Q: And what regarding the circuit? That will must were so now no longer easy to rep the lap you wished to rep that pole?  

LN: It became as soon as tricky. It became as soon as tricky. I’m largely going to rep myself sound real! It became as soon as now no longer easy because it became as soon as if fact be told that crossover fragment and the lap sooner than I became as soon as two seconds down and I wasn’t very assured we were going to enhance on the outdated lap. But I stored the tyres warm and ready the remaining lap and I risked reasonably loads I’m going to admit and it paid off, so I’m a satisfied boy.

Q: And what about the following day? Starting on that pole peril, handsome sure video display in front. How basic are you having a watch for it? 

LN: I’m now no longer if fact be told having a watch for it! I’m now no longer having a watch for being first down to Turn 1 the following day. But you by no come know, it’s going to region us up effectively and we are within the only real peril we are able to be in. I’m satisfied, it’s my first pole peril, confidently the first of many. I don’t know, I’m real if fact be told satisfied. I don’t know what to deliver.  

Q: I inquire you bought your team supervisor there. What did he disclose to you?

LN:  I don’t even know what he said to me! He real hugged me. I grunt coming off Monza this is now no longer something we anticipated but in these roughly stipulations we can gain alternatives and that’s precisely what we did right this moment time. Yeah, after Monza this is an sizable come to originate and confidently we can proceed it that come.

Q: Carlos, how became as soon as that for you? 2d peril; now no longer easy stipulations. You’d like to be satisfied with that?

Carlos SAINZ: Yeah, very now no longer easy. To be appropriate it became as soon as real from the initiating an extraordinarily now no longer easy qualifying but real after Q2 I could presumably inquire that there became as soon as of venture that the slick became as soon as going to come into play. We did an extraordinarily real strategy pitting two laps to the reside, getting the slick as a lot as temperature and then I pulled out a reasonably tough lap. Sadly I became as soon as one of many first ones all the absolute top method thru the road, which didn’t allow me to exercise the general video display stipulations, but it absolutely became as soon as silent a real lap, on the restrict.

Q: What about trail tempo? It didn’t seem too inaccurate the outdated day, so this is going to construct you in real stead for the following day. Confidently this is able to presumably presumably presumably be a dry one.

CS: No, this weekend we are having a look reasonably stronger. Doubtlessly our weakest stipulations has been the inter. On the inter we were admire this to head into Q3. We silent accept as true with some complications there to resolve. Within the dry now we were competitive. Clearly there is the two Mercs and the Red Bull of Perez and we ask them to struggle thru but we are able to set on a conflict and we are able to strive to accept as true with some stress-free.

Q: How basic are you having a watch for the scrap down towards Turn 2?

CS: It’s going to be stress-free. Confidently I will rep Lando at the originate and if now no longer real rep a real tow. Starting P2 right here, the dirty side, is de facto penalising so I’m going to determine to be sure I fabricate my homework overnight to be sure we don’t lose too basic of the road on that dirty side and then inquire if I will rep true into a tow or why no cross him into [Turn] 1.  

Q: George, how did that feel, getting third peril right this moment time?

George RUSSELL: It’s loopy, . It’s my 2nd time within the tip three in three or four occasions. The team accept as true with performed an overwhelming job all over all over again – pitting at the real time and striking the real tyres on. It became as soon as now no longer easy available. There became as soon as one dry line and must you were real just a few centimetres too extensive you can were on the moist stuff and also you can were off. Properly performed to Lando and Carlos and infected for the following day.

Q: That’s going to be thing. Starting as high up as you are all over again and with dry stipulations coming, how basic are you having a watch for the conflict the following day, especially with these two guys?

GR: Yeah, if fact be told having a watch for it. The day before right this moment time our high gasoline tempo became as soon as one of our only of the year. It’s silent a lengthy will seemingly be found the support of these guys and the Mercedes who will seemingly be initiating within the support of us. We can accept as true with a conflict on our palms but we are reasonably slippery on the straights, now we accept as true with some positive straight line tempo, so we’ve bought to head for the podium all over again – nothing to lose.


Q: Lando, we heard a express of pride from you over the radio. Has it sunk in but?

LN: I don’t know. It’s real an sizable feeling altogether. I don’t know what to deliver. It feels similar to you’ve got real qualified effectively, but it absolutely’s a pole peril, which doesn’t come round basic. It’s my first in X amount of races and it must be my only pole for some time. It feels incredible, especially in these stipulations. It’s now no longer easy and also you’ve got to construct reasonably just a few probability on the road and real strive to seem if it must pay off and it did. feeling, my first pole. Doubtlessly the only real peril I wouldn’t decide to be pole is right here, especially with the straight down to Turn 1, but I’m silent very satisfied.

Q: How now no longer easy became as soon as it to capture it together on the slick tyres at the reside?

LN: We roughly did the first couple of laps. I did one on the inter and the first one on the softs and from these two you’ll want to presumably presumably get a real amount of records of the build it’s dry and the build it’s silent damp etc, but reasonably just a few time it’s real hope. You scamper into the corner and hope it sticks and it did. That’s the roughly stage you’ve got to push at in Formula 1 when it’s so high. You by no come know what all people else is going to manufacture, when all people seems to be pushing as basic as they’ll to also scamper for pole, because all people is aware of there is that this different when the stipulations are admire this. deal of pushing but we made the real choices I deem pitting as soon as we did. I deem most other folks did a same thing. Yeah, now no longer easy the least bit and I’m sure the diversified guys will disclose the identical.

Q:You’re initiating first the following day, what’s the unbiased for the following day? You in deciding to head for the steal don’t you?

LN: After final weekend what fabricate you ask? Some other trail steal for McLaren could presumably be handsome. I don’t ask so, I deem Mercedes are a lengthy come up the avenue from us and Red Bull potentially same. I deem now we accept as true with decent tempo. We noticed the outdated day that the vehicles are in a real peril, within the moist now and also within the dry. A lengthy trail down to Turn 1 or Turn 2, whatever you would like to deliver, so I’d like to video display for that and be sure I prepare for that effectively.  But I deem either stipulations I watch for, we can rating some real aspects the following day, we can accept as true with a real trail, because we are within the only real peril doable.

Q: Carlos, immense result for you as effectively, your first front-row originate in Formula 1. Merely listing what this implies to you? 

CS: Properly, it’s a real result, positively. I became as soon as so terminate to pole peril that presumably the 2nd peril doesn’t taste as real as it could in point of fact presumably silent – but I deem it became as soon as a effectively-executed session and a real lap there at the reside. Sadly I became as soon as one of many first ones all the absolute top method thru the road as soon as on the slick, which clearly you continuously are left wondering must you can accept as true with gone reasonably later how basic faster could presumably you’ve got gone? But it became as soon as a real lap on the restrict. Merely conflict with these guys available, so yeah, bought to revel in it and it became as soon as now no longer easy stipulations that you just revel in extra truly in a Formula 1 automobile.

Q: And Carlos, what regarding the dry tempo of your automobile over the lengthy runs the following day? I deem the forecast is dry. Attain you deem you’ve bought the tempo to now no longer now no longer as a lot as enact the build you originate?

CS: We can inquire the following day. It’s a habitual circuit this one – because clearly trail tempo is predominant and now we decide to seem how easy it is to overtake. Assuredly within the past it has been reasonably now no longer easy. Clearly now we accept as true with the two Mercs and the Red Bull which are going to be pushing us loads. They’re clearly, round right here, half a 2nd to a 2nd faster than us – so at some level they’ll set tension on us and we are able to determine to seem if we can support ourselves forward. Clearly the target is to enact before them, strive to rep Lando at the originate – even even though I am initiating on the dirty side, he is now no longer now no longer as a lot as initiating on the smooth side and inquire from there if we can trail arduous and accept as true with some stress-free at the front.

Q: And Carlos, Lando effectively from your time at McLaren finally, how does that swap issues for the following day to your conflict down to Turn 2?

CS: He keeps having a look at me! Let’s inquire. Let’s inquire. I deem there’s two alternatives. I either rep a real getaway and it’s a straight trail into Turn 2, or if now no longer, clearly I’ll decide to gain a look at to search out a slipstream, because we know we’re now no longer the fastest on the straights and we are doing to determine to search out some tow, some draft, because if now no longer, it’s going to be a lengthy trail down into Turn 1. Titillating. I’ve been sharing rows with this this man reasonably basic the final two years in Formula 1, so we know completely each and each diversified and yeah, confidently we can accept as true with a real originate, each and each and support pulling away because there’s going to be the fellows within the support of coming, and that’s going to be when the stress-free starts.

Q: And coming to you George, astronomical congratulations as effectively. Now, you were the first automobile to swap to slick tyres. Used to be it sure slash support, that call for you?

GR: Properly I came on the radio to deliver to the fellows, let’s rep the slicks ready, because it’s positively going to head slicks, and so that they answered announcing ‘OK, let’s field this lap’, so I believed they’d presumably accept as true with misunderstood what I meant by that radio comment. I said ‘let’s scamper for it’. We’ve bought to head for it in these intervals. Excessive probability, high reward. Particularly in these stipulations. After I came out of the pit lane on the slicks, nearly crashing straight out of the field. It became as soon as only that final lap, I stored getting reasonably of web page visitors right here and there. I couldn’t total the laps so as that became as soon as reasonably frustrating, but as it became as soon as for all people, I knew that final lap became as soon as going to be the killer lap, so we saved it occupied with them and right here we are. It be reasonably surreal that it’s our 2nd top three in four races now.

Q: Properly how fabricate your feelings compare with this, in contrast with Spa the build you lined up 2nd?

GR: Completely diversified. Equally satisfied finally, and P3 right here is an fabulous peril to originate. Because the fellows were announcing, it’s an extraordinarily lengthy trail into Turn 2 right here, we’re reasonably slippery on the straights and confidently Lando will give me a succesful puny slipstream into Turn 1, so, , positively if fact be told satisfied. We’ve been scoring aspects now, three within the final four all over again, there’s no reasons why we real can’t support on going and we’ve bought to be aiming for the podium. We’ve bought nothing to lose and we’re real going to head for it.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Ask to George please, real regarding the times for your initial laps after you’d switched to slicks. They didn’t reasonably threaten the leaders tempo region on Intermediates at that level, so what became as soon as within the support of that? Used to be it, as you disclose, getting web page visitors or became as soon as it a case of having to make the temperature, establish the battery reasonably similar to you did for one all-out lap at Spa?

GR: It became as soon as a combination of each and each, to be appropriate. I noticed the dry line exhibiting and I knew if there wasn’t an interrupted session it positively would were slicks, so I became as soon as reasonably relaxed. I became as soon as pushing the limits but I wasn’t going too loopy because I knew that on that opening lap, or on the out-lap I could presumably accept as true with with out complications ended up within the wall, must you’re half a metre too extensive and also you rep a moist patch, and as I said, it became as soon as saving it for that final lap and making sure I had the real video display peril. I had reasonably of web page visitors right here and there. I silent wouldn’t were quick ample to conflict for pole at that level, so I believed, let’s real establish it and be sure we’re in peril for that remaining lap and scamper for it. So similar to Spa, to be appropriate.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Ask for all three of you. Did you gain any compromises in phrases of region-up on the realm of the weather right this moment time and the following day? Thanks.

LN: No. No longer unless the team didn’t expose me!

Merely out of passion, a absolutely dry region-up for you right this moment time?

LN: Yeah. Clearly must you knew qualifying became as soon as going to happen you’re silent into parc fermé and could presumably presumably’t swap something else for the following day, so we silent understand it’s a lengthy trail and there wasn’t too many issues that we’d accept as true with modified anyway, so we stuck to what we had the outdated day, which I deem is the real decision for the following day.


CS: No, nothing.


GR: Same right here.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Elope) For Lando: clearly these model of cases don’t present themselves that in most cases to head for pole given the tempo deficit but you’ve had just a few times earlier this year when it could in point of fact presumably furthermore want been doable: Spa is the evident one but additionally Austria you bought reasonably terminate even supposing you didn’t reasonably accept as true with the auto for it, so does this roughly feel admire it makes up for these terminate to misses and the fact that you just absolutely managed to nail that pole when the predicament’s been in front of you?

LN: I don’t know if it makes up for Spa, in a come. It positively makes me feel seriously greater now, the fact that this is what I accept as true with admire I skipped over out on support then. I now accept as true with that feeling, I now know what it’s admire to rep a pole peril, which is succesful. Yeah, admire I said, we don’t rep these stipulations very on the general but they’re stipulations which are very stress-free and each time they’ve took peril over the final, whether or now no longer they’ve been the general come since support in karting, they’re continuously stipulations that I’ve cherished, the intermediate moist fragment and within the occasion you’ve got to probability it onto the dries. Yeah, it is real and if fact be told similar to Spa. I tested the slicks out in P2 or P3 it became as soon as, even when it became as soon as too moist, but issues admire that helped me learn to force in these stipulations, what to video display for, what the auto does in these roughly stipulations. I accept as true with admire that when this different arose, I became as soon as there to gain it, so satisfied with all the pieces.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lando, could presumably you real focus on us thru the lap that bought you pole? How did it feel inside of the auto? Were you mindful about how up you were versus the diversified drivers or were there any moments the build it practically bought away from you?

LN: Evaluating to others, no. I don’t admire my engineer talking to me on the general. Clearly after I demand for records I love him to focus on but after I’m on a qualifying lap, especially in these stipulations, the final thing I desire him to manufacture became as soon as focus on. I became as soon as soliciting for records from George, because I became as soon as watching his lap on the TV while I became as soon as riding round to seem what it became as soon as admire, whether or now no longer he became as soon as up etc and I became as soon as soliciting for sectors and corners the build he became as soon as tough, the build he became as soon as struggling etc. I deem that records positively helped to perceive what sectors were positively quick, what sectors were presumably reasonably wetter and trickier but admire I said, the now no longer easy thing is now, I grunt in Q3 you’ve bought 10 of the only real other folks on recently in Formula 1, on the planet in a come, to gain a look at and set these laps in so that you just’ll want to presumably presumably’t real force round below the restrict and know what to video display for. Infrequently you’ve bought to push it over and real decide up out must you’ve made it even as you’ve passed thru the corners. There became as soon as rather a lot of corners the build I believed I’d want trail in reasonably arduous right here and this all could presumably scamper reasonably inaccurate but I didn’t so as that’s real the stage you’ve bought to be at to be on this peril, so I’m satisfied I took these risks and made these decision because they paid off the come they’ve. Many times at some stage within the lap I believed it became as soon as going to head reasonably badly inaccurate and also you’re going to debris it up, especially within the remaining chicane, 15/16 I deem it is, it became as soon as silent very moist on this fragment and I had hundreds of expedient wheelspins and a few expedient snaps but stored it frigid and brought it home, so yeah, they’re real stress-free, from originate to enact, it’s many risks but all fragment of it.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) George and Lando, it’s roughly been a case of one superlative to at least one other for you guys this year. What’s the sensation admire within the occasion you support producing these prominent performances and the build and how fabricate you feel that you just’re each and each improving?

GR: I grunt we’ve each and each been fortunate that we model of grew up together and were within the identical bunch of racing, the identical bunch of fellows at some stage in our careers and clearly Lando, Alex and I were battling within the Formula 2 championship together and I deem we real push each and each diversified and also you feel admire that is the norm, that model of stage, and I grunt for us each and each, real the journey every trail, talking for myself, anyway, you real feel similar to you’re getting stronger and stronger. You continuously feel similar to you fabricate a real job but you look support and also you feel admire the following tournament you’re doing the next job and the next job. So, I grunt in time it’s continuously journey, learning from these errors and form of building that toolbox of journey to dig into and pull the real tools out when or now no longer it is predominant to in these now no longer easy cases.

LN: George said that completely. His vocabulary is seriously greater than mine, so his exercise of phrases became as soon as seriously greater, but he’s real. I deem we’re at the level the build now we accept as true with reasonably just a few self assurance thanks to most of these outcomes coming alongside the come and so that they positively reduction loads going into every weekend, analysing what you’ve got performed greater, because there’s continuously times within the occasion you deem what could presumably I accept as true with performed even greater than sooner than, even must you’ve performed a real job, and admire George said, especially for him, at times admire this he can show what he can fabricate and I will show what I will fabricate, even within the occasion you don’t primarily accept as true with the quickest automobile on the grid, so it’s a real feeling and reasonably just a few relief.

Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsportmagazin.com) George, you talked about energy management, whether or now no longer you had ample battery for the final lap you wished to head for; when fabricate you’ve got to determine must you’re going for the penultimate lap or the final one? Are you able to come to a decision at some stage within the penultimate lap or fabricate you’ve got to manufacture it sooner than? Are you able to focus on us thru that predicament?

GR: I became as soon as running reasonably a high energy mode anyway, real because we were doing consecutive laps, so that you just clearly can’t support on deploying the battery, but I noticed I deem it became as soon as Fernando before me who became as soon as reasonably slow and I became as soon as catching him up and I knew that I’d rep to the final lap and I could presumably be too terminate, so I model of made up our minds out of Turn 10 to recharge the battery and be sure it became as soon as fats for the following lap and then fritter away all the pieces and that positively affords you an additional four, 5, six tenths if fact be told from the bottom mode to the ideally pleasant mode so on a video display admire this it’s predominant.


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