Honda makes a significant amount of money in the US. As the largest automaker in the world, it creates thousands of jobs in the country. As a result, it contributes significantly to the U.S. economy. In fact, in 2015, Honda paid $2.2 billion for payroll expenses to employees in the US. It also employs more than 29,500 people in the United States, and is the second-largest automotive manufacturer by sales.

In 1983, Honda established its first U.S. operations in Los Angeles. Today, the Japanese carmaker employs more than 25,000 associates in the United States. It has the capacity to produce 1.92 million vehicles, three million engines, and 400,000 power equipment, and 330,000 Powersports products each year. The company uses both domestic and foreign-sourced parts to produce these vehicles. The American Honda Foundation has helped 118 million people in the United States through charitable giving.

In the U.S., Honda has become a global leader in motorcycles. The American Honda began manufacturing automobiles in 1963, and its popular models include the Accord and Civic. It also produces farm machinery and small engines. The company has assembly plants in several countries and has joint ventures with foreign companies. In 2018, the company increased production of its CR-V and Pilot models and increased its U.S. sales by 25 percent.

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