For a long time in Formula 1, when a racer was victorious, it was not such a genuine and sincere joy as with the great victory of Kimi Raikkonen in Austin. The fight for the title of world champion was pushed back into the background, as well as rivalry and personal offenses. The world of Formula 1 was united in sincere congratulations that were raging from all sides. Iceman was Formula 1.

Kimi Raikkonen, who again won the red car after 2009, is one of the last giants of the fastest sport. With victory in Austin Finn became the first racer to win both the V10 and V8 as well as the hybrid era of Formula 1. In his long and successful career, Iceman fought with Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton for the title of the world champion. At 39 became the oldest winner of the race since Britain’s Nigel Mansell triumphed at the age of 41 in Australia in 1994.

Although it took 15 years for the first and final victory of the Finn, Kimi always remained true to himself. Like in 2003 in Sepang, he also went cold-blooded out of the car in a car with the same expression on the face which makes Iceman unique – “More racing, less bullshit.” A phrase that many drivers have said in history, but rarely are those who actually lived. Kimi still does.

That’s why Kimi Raikkonen is one of the most popular racers in the history of the motorsport. His unique character represents what Formula 1 once was and what in the eyes of many enthusiasts should have been today. The legacy of James Hunt, which has grown into a series of pay drivers over the years, Kimi Raikkonen maintains in the 21st century, the style Formula 1 once had, and today with virtual racing already fades slightly into oblivion.

The wins are important, but far from the most important. Formula 1 is much more than that. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, love of speed which bringing together millions of people around the world. Just like Kimi Raikkonen did in Austin.

Matej Plešej

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