After Sebastian Vettel received much criticism of the Italian public after the race for the British Grand Prix, after the last race the Italian media is convinced that the four-time world champion has found a way out of the crisis.

After a series of worse races, Vettel advanced to the podium at the Hockenheimring after starting from the back of the grid, earning his praise from the Italian press, who has been extremely critical of the Germans in recent times.

Gazzeta dello Sport believes that Vettel has finally found the old form:

“In the craziest race in the world, Vettel celebrates his resurrection: from last to P2. Vettel uses his head and experience to stay away from problems and reach P2 in a breathtaking final.”

La Stampa agreed:

“In a crazy Grand Prix, Vettel finds his way back to himself.”

While La Repubblica wrote:

“Vettel is a master of catching up in the chaos GP of Germany. Germany celebrates Vettel’s resurrection, the protagonist of a legendary race to catch up.”

Corriere added:

“Vettel’s legendary P2 in Hockenheim. Sebastian writes F1 history with this comeback. An insane race. He is undoubtedly the hero of the day. Vettel saves his personal honor and of Ferrari by making up 18 positions. He seems to have found his way out of the tunnel.”


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