(Motorsport-Total.com) – Valtteri Bottas has come a new contract with the Mercedes team for the Formula 1 season 2020 a “good move” closer. That is at least the statement of team boss Toto Wolff after a basically strong, but ultimately unfortunate performance of the Finn at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone .

Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas


Toto Wolff is expected to continue with Valtteri Bottas in 2020 Zoom

“He beats Lewis Hamilton in qualifying at Silverstone and is on the pole, he leads the race and defends himself in a spectacular way,” praised Wolff. “They change positions and he loses the race because the safety car leaves at the wrong time, which is really tough, but both deserved to win today, which is important to say.”

Concretely speaking on the subject of a contract extension, Wolff emphasizes: “I think he took a good step today, which for me was his best performance in a race this year.” Bottas will “not give up”, the Austrian believes, and has “everything it takes to beat Lewis in qualifying […] that’s really important to the team.”

The race at Silverstone could have won Bottas as well. In lap 15, he drove a hitherto fastest lap of 1: 30.631 minutes, increasing his lead over Hamilton to 1.4 seconds. On lap 17, when he had free time after Bottas’ stop, Hamilton put on 1: 30.236 minutes. On lap 18, Bottas Hamilton again took 0.6 seconds.

The safety car broke Bottas’s race

The pit stop delta is around 19.5 seconds in Silverstone. Bottas had before the safety car phase but only 17.3 seconds behind his teammate. “I controlled the pit-stop distance and was effectively in the lead,” he says. “Until the safety car came and Lewis got his pit stop.”

Just a few seconds before the activation of the safety car due to the departure of Antonio Giovinazzi, Hamilton got the tactic that they would try to extend the first stint as long as possible. When switched from yellow flag to safety car, Hamilton was already in the third sector.

Both he and the team responded to the spirit and immediately came to the tire change, as did Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Bitter from Bottas point of view: Hamilton was now not only with the fresher tires in front of him, but also had to complete no pit stop. He already, because he had changed from medium to medium.

Photo gallery: Great Britain: driver’s notes from the editorial board

Sebastian Vettel (5): Im Qualifying sechs Zehntel auf Leclerc, das ist zu viel für einen, der Weltmeister werden wollte. Die Kollision mit Verstappen konnte jeder sehen - darüber gibt's keine zwei Meinungen. 2019 ist einfach nicht sein Jahr.

Sebastian Vettel (5): In qualifying six tenths on Leclerc, that’s too much for one who wanted to become world champion. Everyone could see the collision with Verstappen – there are no two opinions about that. 2019 is just not his year. photo gallery

“I thought I had everything under control,” he sighs. “I was committed to the two-stop strategy, which in hindsight was a mistake, we thought that two stops were the fastest by far – but it was also possible to stop.” And not only that: Hamilton set the fastest time of the race with a 32-lap-old Hard on the very last lap.

Hamilton’s original plan was different: “I did not want to come in on lap 21, but see how long I can stay outside, but I still had to drive reasonably fast because he had new tires and was faster at the time from 0.7 to 1.5 seconds, it was not in my window anymore. “

“Then it was almost two seconds, and then I knew I would have to come in soon, but then the safety car came in. Normally I would have come out two seconds behind him and had the tires five or six laps older “Hamilton says,” He was very fast on the way, it would not have been easy. “

What has overslept in the hectic safety car phase: In retrospect, it would have been the wisest to catch up even Bottas directly again and to convert from medium to hard. So he would have lost a position against Vettel, but he could have overtaken the Ferrari probably on the track.

Safety Car: Why Bottas was not brought back

Then Bottas would have had the chance in the finish to attack Hamilton in a direct duel. Wolff said there were “two arguments against it: First, we were not convinced that we could go through to the finish, so we split our strategies, and then he would have come out behind Sebastian.”

The duel in the first laps, Hamilton enthuses, was “mega”: “I already had it in Turn 7, but suddenly it was inside, I could not see it when accelerating out of the car, because it was in my blind spot I do not close the door to risk anything, he drove sensationally. “

Bottas also takes quite positive findings from Silverstone with: “In qualifying, I was the fastest man on the track.The race pace today was also good, we had a great fight.” Even though he misses 39 points in the World Cup: “I’m still super hungry and will try again in two weeks!”

Wolff thinks that Bottas had a “great” race at Silverstone: “Today, both deserved the win, the strategy and the safety car went against him, which was just bad luck.” Hamilton, added the team boss, had been in his home Grand Prix in impressive form: “But it could just as well have been different.”

Nevertheless, Wolff has to admit, “When Valtteri was behind the stop after Lewis and had the medium, which was a bit older than the hard of Lewis, it was clear that Valtteri must come again.” I do not really want to judge, but In the phase, it looked like Lewis was on fire today. “

Bottom line remains: Bottas has proven that he can pick up the important points for the Constructors’ Championship at any time and challenge Hamilton. That’s exactly what Mercedes expects from him. At the same time Wolff has told Esteban Ocon that he will not put any obstacles in the way of a team change.

It now indicates very much that the Mercedes team in 2020 will be called Hamilton Bottas.

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 lives . That’s the tenor after the British Grand Prix. Even after Austria, many fans and observers breathed. Why did Silverstone and Spielberg deliver great racing? The drivers agree: It’s on the racetracks.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Pierre Gasly


In Silverstone, the drivers delivered tough duels zoom

“Silverstone and Austria are two good tracks to overtake, which is good for the show,” said Charles Leclerc, who fought for victory at the Red Bull Ring in the final laps of the race against Max Verstappen. And in Silverstone has delivered a spirited duel with the Red Bull pilots .

The Monegasse believes that the layout of a racetrack plays an important role. “The last two courses are a good example, and if we can have more of them in the calendar, that would be good for Formula One.”

“Drivers know best where to overtake”

Both racetracks are already used for many years and offer the riders several good overtaking opportunities. The routes also have gravel beds instead of paved run-off areas.

Lewis Hamilton believes that drivers need to be involved in the decision-making process on which new racetrack should be driven. “We know better than anyone else on which routes we can overtake and which we can not.”

Although he is aware that there is not a large selection of racetracks in every country. But then Formula One rights holders have to ask an important question: “Just drive a race in a country to host a Grand Prix – or do you want real racing like this [at Silverstone]?”

Photo gallery: Great Britain: driver’s notes from the editorial board

Sebastian Vettel (5): Im Qualifying sechs Zehntel auf Leclerc, das ist zu viel für einen, der Weltmeister werden wollte. Die Kollision mit Verstappen konnte jeder sehen - darüber gibt's keine zwei Meinungen. 2019 ist einfach nicht sein Jahr.

Sebastian Vettel (5): In qualifying six tenths on Leclerc, that’s too much for one who wanted to become world champion. Everyone could see the collision with Verstappen – there are no two opinions about that. 2019 is just not his year. photo gallery

Therefore, the winner of Sunday hopes that the GPDA will be involved in the awarding of new Grands Prix in the future: “I hope the GPDA can have a say in the next rule step 2021th We could be on the side as a consultant We are here to make the sport better close.”

The drivers would be happy to run Grands Prix in different countries, but only if Formula 1 management is open to the idea of ​​adapting routes or selecting other courses in some countries.

“I know that there is not always a wide choice in all countries where a Grand Prix can be ridden – but there are those who will choose them for the future, where we will see less good racing, and there is now Tracks in the calendar that are not great. “

Bottas: Money and politics decide, not racing

The world champion is constantly asked for his opinion, which are his favorite tracks. In addition to Silverstone, he also counts on Austin. The track reminds him of the time-honored course. “But then there are tracks where you can not follow and there is a train, what would you like better?” He asks.

The track is still great, but with the long straights it was quite unique, there were always great races, Austria, the old circuit, was even better, which Niki told me so, “explains he.



Österreichring 1987: The old “Ring” in Spielberg Zoom

Also Valtteri Bottas would like to have a better selection of racetracks. The Finn is convinced: “I am sure that there are political reasons and money behind the choice of routes – and not the question of whether the track offers good racing or not.” That was satisfying for neither driver nor spectator.

“As a GPDA, we are very willing to discuss it because we are finally in the car because we know exactly what kind of track we need for good racing”, the Mercedes driver is also prepared to enter into dialogue to improve the show.

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton has been the sole record winner at Silverstone since Sunday. With six victories, the Brit now stands over greats like Jim Clark and Alain Prost. The World Cup leader could not realize his achievement on Sunday yet. He already celebrated his seventh triumph in the 2019 season, only eleven missing on Michael Schumacher .

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton lets himself celebrate at Silverstone Zoom

Is there a record that Hamilton can not break in the current best form? “If you are as talented and hard working as he is and then you come into a team that sets the tone by car, then at least this is a good basis for success,” comments Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

With world champion Michael Schumacher missing, Hamilton only misses two more titles and is on his way to his sixth this season. He is 39 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas after ten races in the championship standings .

Hamilton: “It feels incredible!”

The Briton already celebrated seven victories in 2019, more than ever before in the first ten races in the hybrid era since 2014. He could already fulfill his win rate of an average of 10.2 triumphs per season in Belgium. If Hamilton wins all races until the season finale in Abu Dhabi, then he will catch up with Schumacher: 91!

“He has been the best so far – he was on a completely different level than anyone else so far,” praises Wolff Schumacher’s successes. “It’s going to be tough, but Lewis is on the right track, but there are more wins and world titles to be won to match Michael.”

A comparison: In Canada 2006 Schumacher drove his 239th race, with that same number is now also Lewis Hamilton. At that time, the German was in his last Ferrari year in 86 Grand Prix victories, the Briton with his Silverstone triumph at 80. Schumacher made it to the podium, 148 times to that race, Hamilton is at 143.

While the German ended his career with Ferrari for the first time after 248 races at the end of 2006 and was only able to claim a podium in the Mercedes years (2010 to 2012), Hamilton is still under contract with the Silver Arrows until the end of 2020. This means the Briton still has at least 32 Grands Prix time to break more Schumacher records.

Hamilton himself can not believe what he managed on Sunday before Heimpublikum. “It feels incredible, I usually never look at statistics,” he admits. He paid no attention to the records before the race.

“I’m just trying to get the most out of myself, then I see if I can do it, but it’s great to get such a chance to achieve that, until I got out, I did not know how many races I’ve won here whether it was four or five, “he smiles.

“Poetry on the move”: Hamilton remembers 2008

“Then I hear that there are six wins and I belong here to the greatest,” he can hardly believe it. Even before the race, he was together with Clark and Prost in five successes, now he is the sole record holder. “I remember when I was a little boy, watching this sport and watching the legends,” he says, going back in time.

Now Hamilton is one of the greatest in his sport. “I remember my victory here, my first pole, I mean, this track is such a big challenge, it’s just great, I can not put it into words, how spectacular it is on the track with the cars that have so much downforce these days … that’s … oh dear – my uncle says: ‘poetry on the move’ “, smiles the 34-year-old.

“This is one of the best days I have ever experienced.” Even eleven years after his first home win in 2008, Hamilton still knows exactly what it felt like: “It was exactly the same feeling I had when I left Brooklands for the start and finish, so I saw the crowd.”

Lewis Hamilton


Silverstone 2008: Hamilton wins for the first time in the home Zoom

He remembers that day in his first World Champion year: “This excitement, joy and the happiness I felt felt just like it was then.” He wants to make it clear to fans and observers that another victory at Silverstone is not just routine for him.

“I’ve raced so many races, many think you’ll get used to it, but it felt as great as the first win.” The 140,000 enthusiastic fans who came to the circuit on Sunday contributed to the atmosphere.

Especially important to the British was that he could show the British flag on the podium. “That’s the biggest moment for any athlete in the world to hold the flag as number one in their home country.” Hamilton describes that moment as “special” and “unbelievable”.

With the Union Jack in the final round: A picture for all eternity

He also finds himself overwhelmed after the race by the many thousands of supporters at the edge of the track: “People always talk about how much this one can pull up, and it gives you an incredible amount of energy, but with a lot of responsibility.”

Because many fans would spend huge sums on tickets, accommodation, fan articles and flags to win Hamilton. “That’s why you want to deliver for them, of course, it’s not just about yourself and your own abilities, you know you can do it, but it’s also about the team.”

40 family members and 2,000 team members watched the race on site and in the factory not far from the racetrack. “I’m really grateful to all the people who helped me achieve this today, you’ll never know how grateful I am to them, but it’s just great to be part of this team and break the walls together and set records to break.”

Lewis Hamilton


With the Union Jack in the Parc ferme: Images that Hamilton will never forget Zoom

Because he himself as a driver is just a “link in the chain”, which finally realizes the successes. However, it was still not clear after qualifying on Saturday whether Hamilton would actually win on Sunday. The teammate beat him by 0.006 seconds.

Exactly this defeat drove him even more: “If you strive for perfection and then can not get it, and then comes second, then you can still be proud of yourself, but I work in any case so that I then even harder to me am. “

He was a bit “frustrated” after qualifying. He has incorporated “a few small mistakes”, that is human. On Sunday, he decided to strike back and conjure up something “powerful” in the tarmac. At the latest, with the fastest race lap in the last lap, he succeeded on old hard tires.

Finally, the reigning world champion crowned with a seeming ease to the new winner. In the lap, he proudly held the Union Jack out of the cockpit, Silverstone remains Hamilton Land. “One day I’ll look back and see that picture of me in the car with the flag, and I’ll have a smile on my face until my last day.”

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That’s it for today with the Formula 1 live ticker. Thank you for your interest and for reading the race weekend of Great Britain. Stefan Ehlen and the Formula 1 crew, we turn off now in the after hours. But of course we’ll start with more analysis and background reports on the Silverstone race in the morning. We would be happy to welcome you again! Goodnight!

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“That feels incredible!”

Lewis Hamilton has unleashed his feelings after winning the record in Silverstone on Instagram. The Briton writes: “I can not tell you how unbelievable it feels, the support of all of you and this energy, that was crazy, I can not express how grateful I am to all my fans and my incredible team have worked really hard for it. “

“The Grand Prix of Great Britain means so much to me and now to have six victories here in Silverstone, in front of my home crowd, I will not forget that moment all my life, thank you for the positive energy of all, we did it together!”


Verstappen & Vettel in the flipbook

The excitement of the race today was probably the crash between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. The German admitted his guilt after the race and promptly apologized to the Dutchman. Such a mistake can happen even to a fourfold world champion. How damaged the Red Bull was afterwards was revealed to us by Max Verstappen .

Click now through our photo gallery in flipbook format:

Photo gallery: The crash of Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen in Silverstone

Runde 37 beim Formel-1-Rennen von Silverstone: Max Verstappen überholt Sebastian Vettel in der Stowe-Kuve und setzt sich vor den Ferrari. Der will kontern, doch das geht schief!

Lap 37 in the Formula 1 race at Silverstone: Max Verstappen overtakes Sebastian Vettel in Stowe-Kuve and takes the lead in front of the Ferrari. He wants to counter, but that goes wrong! photo gallery

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New pit stop record in Formula 1!

Williams held the Formula 1 record for the fastest pit stop for a full three years. But now Red Bull is the record holder: Pierre Gasly was handled faster in Silverstone than ever before a Grand Prix driver!

Where was the old record? How fast Red Bull was now? And what about the podium finish of the 2019 pit stop award? Do you experience everything in our compilation!

Get the current pit stop overview with statistics here!

Pierre Gasly Red Bull Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 ~Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) ~


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Ricciardo scores again for Renault

With seventh place at Silverstone Renault has returned thanks to Daniel Ricciardo back in the top 10 after the team in Spielberg had remained without a counter. “Given our capabilities today, I’m pretty happy,” says Ricciardo. “Seeing where we were two weeks ago was a good result for the team and a great comeback.”

The Australian summarizes: “We had a better pace in qualifying than McLaren and we were able to keep up with them in the race, so we have to be satisfied with that.”

Nico Hulkenberg also contributed a point to the Renault result in tenth place. In the constructors’ championship but the factory team lost again counter on the direct competition in the midfield.

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Horner: Red Bull draws new confidence

Victory in Spielberg, Ferrari level at Silverstone: Red Bull team boss Christian Horner draws a positive interim conclusion to the Formula 1 summer of 2019. “In the recent races, we have really made the car faster, which is encouraging for us travel confident to Hockenheim, “he says.

Being close to the competition on a “power track” like Silverstone is a sign that Red Bull is making good progress, especially on the part of the engine. “We still have a bit of a backlog but Honda is doing a good job and they definitely close the gap,” says Horner.

In the World Cup standings Red Bull has caught up again on Ferrari.

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Red Bull: What was fixed in the grid

Shortly before the start, there was a lot of excitement at Red Bull: both vehicles were being worked on, the rear wings were surrounded by mechanics. But why? Team principal Christian Horner explains: “During his inspection, a mechanic discovered a crack in the rear wing of Max. Therefore, we asked for permission to exchange the part.”

Afterwards, Red Bull carefully examined the vehicle of Pierre Gasly. And lo and behold: “A crack also developed in the same place, so we got the permission to change the wing for security reasons, which we did.”

And just in time: Red Bull remained on the grid within the allowed time allowed to work on the vehicles.

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Video: Leclerc Vs. Verstappen

And on in the duel Charles Leclerc vs.. Max Verstappen, this time with the scenes right after the pit exit. Because a small mistake of Verstappen brings Leclerc back in striking distance …

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Positive mood against Gasly

As great as Haas’ worries are, Pierre Gasly’s relief is all the greater: The Frenchman, who is under pressure at Red Bull, has put in a clean weekend to finish fourth in the race, his best result of the year so far.

“You’re welcome,” says Gasly. “A lot has happened to Austria, we sat down and watched how we can improve everything, there have been a few changes and now we are making good progress, which is good, I enjoyed the whole weekend.”

Among the mentioned changes is that Gasly now take over the Verstappen set-up and not play around much with it. However, he did not want to classify this measure as “decisive”, but said: “Many things contributed to it and it was still not perfect – it takes one last step to get me on the podium.”

The pressure on his shoulders, however, should at least have become somewhat lower.

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By the way: The Haas drivers themselves …

… had fewer media dates after the race than planned. They only asked journalists questions in the so-called “bullring” and did not hold a “print session”. The team had already announced during the race. Maybe because you have enough internal discussion needs …


Haas team boss rants: “unacceptable!”

At the latest since the first Netflix series for Formula 1, Günther Steiner is well-known for the fact that he likes to send hearty messages to his drivers and does not save criticism when there is something to criticize. And then imagine, his pilots are touching each other in round one and both are eliminated after eight rounds.

“What happens here is unacceptable,” says Steiner. After all, there have already been precedents. “I’ve been very clear with them to Barcelona, ​​which they’re not supposed to do, we’re in a difficult position and we’re trying to make the car faster for each track, everyone works like crazy, we once seem to have a good long run pace and then they drive into the car at turn 5. That’s unacceptable! “

19:34 clock

Video: Leclerc Vs. Verstappen in the box

Two Formula 1 drivers come in for a pit stop. And then it gets pretty tight at the exit …

No, it was not an “unsafe release” on Max Verstappen. At least the race stewards did not recognize it as such. The overtaking maneuver in the pit lane was fine!

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The animated round table for Silverstone

You want to understand the race again in a nutshell and see when which positions were exchanged? Then we have the right tool for you: our animated round table! This will give you the ideal speed through the Grand Prix.

Get the animated round table here!

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Race director Michael Masi will remain in office until the end of the year

Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi is playing his role until at least the end of the season in 2019. This was confirmed to him by FIA President Jean Todt in a conversation.

Masi is the successor of Charlie Whiting, who died unexpectedly a few days before the season opener in 2019.

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Leclerc: Spielberg as a lesson for Silverstone

After the race stewards in Spielberg had not pronounced a penalty for a late overtaking maneuver by Max Verstappen against Charles Leclerc, Leclerc said: “Now I know how to drive!” And at Silverstone he acted on these words …

“To a certain extent, the race [in Spielberg] has opened my eyes to how far I can go,” he explains. “It’s awesome for Formula One to be able to do so at the limit, and it’s great that the race has taken such a course – I’ve been more aggressive than ever and have had more fun than ever.”

18:57 clock

Video: Leclerc’s overtaking arts

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has shown several impressive overtaking maneuvers today. Here’s one of them in the video: Leclerc lets Red Bull man Pierre Gasly stand in the rain!

Leclerc commented, “It felt awesome, I’ve never had so much fun in F1!”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Red Bull rider Pierre Gasly looks forward to the UK Grand Prix for his strongest race weekend to date, finishing fourth . The Frenchman seems to have come to terms after the disastrous Austrian race. The Red Bull leadership is pleased with his performance at Silverstone.

Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc


Pierre Gasly fights duels with Leclerc and Vettel Zoom

“I think Pierre has done a very good job over the weekend, turning the tide to Austria, a really difficult weekend for him,” said Christian Horner. Gasly was already in qualifying show, fifth on the grid and only three tenths of a second behind were “acceptable,” said Helmut Marko.

“That was by far the best weekend of the year,” says the Frenchman himself, “We can be satisfied with that, a lot of things have happened to Austria, many meetings with the team to find out how we can improve everything.”

Horner: “Like another driver!”

In Spielberg, Gasly was outclassed by his teammate, who won the race, in front of the home crowd of the team. The low point was reached. Already in the races before the Frenchman could not keep up with Verstappen, the management level became increasingly impatient.

Even before the race weekend Marko demanded in an exclusive conversation: ” It must deliver now also Gasly .” He should not seek excuses in the technology, also criticized the Austrian’s weak duel behavior of his pilot.

In Silverstone, the 23-year-old looked like a substitute. Already on Friday he was able to record a best time in qualifying, then bravely fought his way into Q3 in qualifying. “He was like another rider all weekend, starting from the first session he was competitive,” Horner enthuses.

Grand Prix of Great Britain

“In the race, he overtook Vettel and drove hard against Leclerc, I mean, he drove very well,” he praises Gasly. In fact, he put on from the start with the Ferraris. In the first round he lost a place against Sebastian Vettel.

Eleven laps later, however, he snapped the Ferrari back again. Shortly after, he went to the pits to transfer from the medium to the hard tire. Due to his early stop he fell behind the McLaren of Carlos Sainz. As a result, he lost a little on his competitors.

Did the stop come too early? “I felt good on the tire, we had the pace and the tires to stay out a bit longer than Seb, so we wanted to try something, but it did not work out as intended.”

Gasly: ​​”Happy, and a little disappointed”

With Sainz teammate Lando Norris he also experienced a touch shortly after the start in the first corners. “I checked the underbody after the race and it looked a bit scratched, but it could have been worse, I was pretty fast, so I do not think that had any effect.”

After the safety car phase and further stops of the competition, the Red Bull driver suddenly found himself fourth behind Vettel. Since teammate Verstappen followed only a few tenths of a second behind, he let pass the number 1 in the team in lap 28 – the Red Bull power relationship was restored.

“He was on a different strategy, so we thought that would be better, maybe we lost some time.” From behind, Charles Leclerc approached in larger steps, eventually beating the Red Bull on lap 35.

“I did not expect him to oversteer on the outside so maybe I could have gone further outside to try something different, but without DRS he was still pushing hard.” Finally, Leclerc passed by on nine laps of fresher hard tires.

“I felt that our pace was as fast as that of Charles, we fought and I thought I could get him, but for the team it made more sense to let Max fight with him.” On lap 37, Gasly also profited from the collision between Verstappen and Vettel, which he inherited two positions.

“Of course I’m happy, but at the same time I’m a little disappointed,” he admits, “because the podium was not far away.” At the finish, Gasly was 4.6 seconds behind Leclerc. “That would have been nice, but the whole weekend was strong and I think we took a big step, that’s positive.”

Approach to race weekend changed

The changes he made after the wake-up call in Spielberg can be found in many small areas. Above all, the weekend approach was a different one, as Horner explains, “He focused on what he does and did not care what his teammate does this weekend, it was just about getting back to basics.”

Marko agrees: “At first he just could not cope with how much faster Verstappen is.” After clarifying discussions, he understood that he had to concentrate on his performance. “He should concentrate on driving, not looking for excuses in technology, he has done everything and the positive result has now been seen.”

Did the Frenchman get the turn at the last moment? After all, rumors were already circulating about a transfer. But the team continues to bolster the pilot’s back and the measures taken after Spielberg seem to be working.

Photos: Red Bull, Grand Prix of Great Britain

“I’ve been working hard with the boys, many of these steps were in the right direction, the whole weekend from Friday to Sunday was pretty strong, I still have to work on the little details to make that final move, but we can do that be satisfied.”

More important than placements or lap times is self-confidence, Horner knows. He was already pleased on Friday when Gasly finished first and fifth in the practice sessions. “He has done a great job, and hopefully it will give him a lot of self-confidence for the upcoming races.” Then his future could look rosier again in the Red Bull team.

In the World Cup classification , however, Gasly still has a big gap to Verstappen to catch up: The Frenchman is with 55 points in sixth place, the Dutchman with 136 unchanged as the first Mercedes-hunters in third place.

(Motorsport-Total.com) – That Daniel Ricciardo would fight with a McLaren today, he had already thought. But after qualifying, he suspected Lando Norris, who started just behind him. However, Carlos Sainz would not have expected him to finish in front of him on position 13. But with his seventh place the Renault driver is still not disappointed.

Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo was beaten by Carlos Sainz in the end. Zoom

“Given our capabilities today, I’m pretty happy, and seeing where we were two weeks ago was a good result for the team and a great comeback,” he says. “We had a better pace in qualifying than McLaren, and we were able to keep up with them in the race, so we have to be satisfied with that.”

At the start, the Australian had to give even the other McLaren defeated by Norris. “We were side by side for a few turns, it was good and clean racing, but in the end he could come forward,” he says. With an undercut, he grabbed the British again, however, because he came in lap twelve a round before Norris to the pits.

However, when the safety car came, the situation changed. “I knew that Carlos had not stopped yet and then saw gravel on one of the big monitors, I thought if someone would trigger a safety car then Carlos would get a free pit stop and of course Safety Car shone on my ad … “

Ricciardo admits that he was pretty frustrated at the time because he thought he was unlucky, but his team brought him to the pits to give him hard tires and drive through. “That seemed a bit crazy, but it was a good decision,” he says. Because he came in a good position and in the end in seventh place.

But he did not stand a chance against Sainz at the end: “We had a little more pace than him, but it simply failed to come this one or two car lengths closer,” said Ricciardo. “That lost a bit of downforce that I needed to launch a serious attack.”

Nevertheless, the Renault driver does not complain. When he thinks of the last race in Austria, this time it has been a completely different world. “Even if we had missed something on McLaren, we would have taken that, but being on par with them so quickly in qualifying and racing gives us the confidence to know that we are not lost and have a car we can compete with could be.”

“And that’s encouraging for me,” he adds. “Of course I want to move forward, but as long as I feel like I’ve delivered and the team recognizes that … you can not expect any more, this year we’re not fighting for the championship, we’re taking these positive things I get along well with the boys and enjoy this step in my career, it’s good, we’re making progress. “

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Renault was able to fight back in the fight against McLaren and stay ahead of Silverstone in qualifying. Daniel Ricciardo came in seventh, best of the rest, leaving the competition in the midfield led by Lando Norris ( Formula 1 2019 live on the ticker ). “Rank seven feels good,” he laughs.

Daniel Ricciardo


For Daniel Ricciardo, the optimum was reached in seventh place Zoom

Actually, the Australian was not really satisfied with his lap because in some corners he felt that he could have driven faster. “So it was not perfect, but when I was told I was seventh, I was happy because that’s our fight,” he says.

For Renault, it is also a good comeback after the disappointment of Austria, where you clearly had the competition against the competition. “Our heads hung in Austria,” says Ricciardo. “Especially McLaren seemed to be far ahead of us and it’s really encouraging to strike back now.”

Renault reacts with set-up

This has been done mainly with a few changes to the car. According to Ricciardo, they have made changes in the high-speed area and went back to a better-known set-up, after they had last burned in Spielberg with some updates.

Qualifying Silverstone 2019: Analysis with Nico Rosberg

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“We have been forced to drive with relatively little downforce this weekend,” he reveals. Because with Renault one senses that one loses a higher output with slightly more air resistance than with the competition. “That’s why we’re tied to a little less downforce and stick with it.”

The problem with Renault: In slow passages you usually get along well, in faster something is missing – that can be compensated with this package something. “I looked at some data: in Maggotts and Becketts, we were not that fast,” says Ricciardo. Nevertheless, he sees in the package the only chance to record it in Silverstone with McLaren – apparently with success.

Ricciardo and the signs of aging

Ricciardo found it hard to believe that he would be able to beat the competition, especially after the weak training impressions and his yesterday’s failure, including a change of chassis after the second practice session. But already in the morning, the worries were wiped away: “The guys worked hard, and from the first lap the car felt a lot better,” he says.

It may also have something to do with Ricciardo’s first race at the age of 30. “I feel like I actually saw two crest peaks when I was supposed to see only one,” he jokes, referring to his age. “The vision gets a bit worse, but part of me says, the less you see, the faster you are.”

But seriously: In the race Ricciardo aims to keep the place. He sees chances at the top only at the start: “We are on the clean side, maybe I have a chance against Vettel, I do not know how Gasly starts, we’ll see,” he says. “But in the race it’s about seventh.”

McLaren should then be the main challenger again: “Their race pace will certainly be strong again, hopefully Nico can have a good start and disturb their rhythm, we need to make up some points.”

Lewis Hamilton gratuliert Valtteri Bottas zur knappen Pole-Position. Die 0,006 Sekunden gehen aber noch enger, wie unsere Top 10 der knappsten Qualifyings der vergangenen 20 Jahre zeigt. Klick dich durch!

Lewis Hamilton congratulates Valtteri Bottas on the tight pole position. The 0.006 seconds are even closer, as our Top 10 shows the tightest qualifying sessions of the past 20 years. Click through!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – At just six-thousandths of a second – or .006 seconds in numbers – Lewis Hamilton missed the pole position today at the Silverstone home race. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas snatched it from the British gossamer nose. According to Nico Rosberg are the equivalent of 41 centimeters – “so almost nothing”, as the German notes.

Formula 1 has thus experienced the tightest qualifying since 176 races. At that time Sebastian Vettel secured the home race at Hockenheim in 2010, the pole in front of Fernando Alonso. At that time the gap was only 0.002 seconds.

Reason enough for us to see what the ten tightest qualifying decisions of the past 20 years were. With it: A brother duel, team-internal fights and especially later became famous races – just like Hockenheim 2010. Keyword: “Felipe, Fernando is faster than you …”

Why we have limited this to the last 20 years has a simple reason. In the past, not even three decimal places were measured, which would have distorted the results. To the classification: In our statistic appears 15 times a lead of 0,0 seconds – 14 times of it until 1974.

The only exception is another famous race that unfortunately is out of our reach, but at least here should be mentioned: In Jerez in 1997 drove together with the two championship rivals Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher and Villeneuve’s teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen three riders at the same time fastest lap.

Whether this was all right in view of the dramaturgy, there are still different views today …

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10. Frankreich 2001, Ralf Schumacher vor Michael Schumacher - 0,010 Sekunden: Um genau eine Hundertstelsekunde kann Ralf (Williams-BMW) seinen Bruder Michael (Ferrari) in Magny-Cours bezwingen. Am Sonntag dreht der Rekordweltmeister den Spieß jedoch um und siegt vor seinem kleinen Bruder.

10. France 2001, Ralf Schumacher ahead of Michael Schumacher – 0.010 seconds: Ralf (Williams-BMW) is able to beat his brother Michael (Ferrari) in Magny-Cours by exactly one hundredth of a second. On Sunday, however, the record world champion turns the tables and triumphs over his little brother.

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Quali Silverstone 2019: Analyse mit Nico Rosberg
Qualifying Silverstone 2019: Analysis with Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has such a feeling in his stomach that Valtteri Bottas will win the Grand Prix, and also talks about other drivers …

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