The news of a special exit clause that would allow Max Verstappen an early departure from Red Bull in the case of average results, puts this year Formula 1 driver market in a new light. Perhaps nothing will happen, but maybe we’ll see the gigantic transfers of the F1 greatest  stars…

According to the Spanish media, the contract between Max Verstappen and Red Bull contains a special clause according to which the Dutchman could talk about a possible transfer to any of the competing teams if he does not succeed race win before the Hungarian GP.

The existence of the clauses in the Verstappen’s contract was confirmed by the Dutchman’s management in the meantime, also the driver’s father Jos already mentioned the possibility of early departure from Milton Keynes.

Max Verstappen is considered one of the greatest talent in the history of the motorsport and with such a driver, both Ferrari and Mercedes would solve the issue of drivers lineup for the next decade. The fact is that both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are no longer the youngest, and Verstappen is offered as an ideal choice for the successors of both superstars.

In the meanwhile, there is also Fernando Alonso who made it clear that he is interested in exclusively racing with a car that will allow him to fight for the title of world champion. Although Spaniard is also considered as an elite driver, on the other hand, he is also not a young gun anymore. For some time, there have been rumors of Alonso returning to Ferrari, which based on another average season for Scuderia, does not seem impossible anymore.

Sebastian Vettel has a contract with Ferrari for 2020, but we all know that the Formula 1 contracts do not apply much. The German contract also contained a special clause, according to which both Vettel and Ferrari can terminate the agreement early. In Maranello, this clause has been used many times, and there would be no surprise if they will do so in the case of Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel can often be seen lately in the Red Bull Motorhome, a team with whom the German won four consecutive titles of the world champion. In the case of Verstappen’s departure to Mercedes, Milton Keynes will need a new leader, and Vettel could decide to end his successful career with Red Bull.

The summer is here and Formula 1 enters the annual “silly season” period. Perhaps nothing will happen, but we’ll see fireworks worthy of the pinnacle of Motorsport.

Alonso to Ferrari, Verstappen to Mercedes, Vettel to Red Bull?


Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore is convinced that Fernando Alonso retired from Formula 1 too early since he is still racing at an extremely high level. The former Spaniard manager believes that his long-standing client is the best driver in the world, better than the current F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso announced his decision last year to retire from Formula 1 and Briatore believes, that the Spaniard has not yet achieved what he could.

In my opinion, he farewell too soon, as he has a lot to offer. In Formula 1, things can change incredibly fast. I wish that he’ll go to Mercedes or Ferrari where he could fight again for the title. At his highest level, he is better than Lewis Hamilton and also more consistent. I’m sure he will come back, but only if he has a good car. He is not interested in battle for points because he wants to win.

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore is convinced that Formula One will lose one of the most recognizable athletes in the world by leaving Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, who drove his last Formula 1 race last year at Abu Dhabi, will be chasing a triple crown of the motorsport in the Indy500 race in 2019. Spaniard’s long-time manager Flavio Briatore is confident that Alonso’s departure will be deeply regretted.

Briatore told Motorlat:

Formula 1 without Fernando Alonso is like Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo. Fernando is one of the few recognizable stars. In the current squad, next to him are only Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen.

Although Alonso did not write off the possibility of returning to Formula 1, Briatore doubts of Spaniard comeback, unless he gets a top team ofter:

I do not think he will return if he does not get a competitive team offer. The options are only two, Mercedes or Ferrari. He’s definitely one of the best drivers in the world and I’m sure he will not race for the fifth or sixth place.