Following the retirement of Kimi Räikkönen at the end of last season, Fernando Alonso (41) the oldest driver on the grid of Formula 1 2022 in front of 37-year-old Lewis Hamilton. But the Alpine pilot sees his age and the experience that comes with it primarily as a plus.

“Turned into age, I feel good. To be honest, I feel at an advantage,” says the Spaniard, citing his knowledge from other racing series as an example.

“When I come to a circuit, I know the tracks. Now everyone tests this one 18 inch tires and I know these tires very well from the WEC.” said Alonso who competed with Toyota in the Endurance World Championship.

“The behavior of the tires is exactly the same, and also the way you have to drive the tires is the same, but different from how it was battled before. So all the things that we facing, for other people it’s the first time, and for me, it’s the second or third time, so that’s good.”

At the same time, Alonso admits that at his age there are some It takes sacrifices to keep racing at the highest level, especially with the busy calendar. In the Formula 1 season 2022 it includes for the first time record 23 Grand Prix’s.

“The only concern about being older is that you have to have the motivation to go into a season where you 300 days a year is on the road,” explains the 40-year-old. “You have to have that passion, you have to have that lifestyle that allows you to fully devote yourself to the sport.”

“Apart from that, all other things are beneficial,” affirms Alonso. He is currently in a phase of his life in which he wants to devote himself entirely to Formula 1. “That’s fantastic. So I think I only see advantages.”

And he adds: “Also, I think today’s cars aren’t very physically demanding.

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