Valtteri Bottas says it is important for Formula One drivers to have a “plan B” about the team they will be riding in the future. This makes him aware that he has a script in case he is in season 2020 at Mercedes replace.

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The Finn has not had any luck in the last two races. He collided with the German GP in a protective fence and resigned, and last weekend, in the Hungarian GP, ​​after a collision with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc shortly after the start of the race, he had a major setback and finished eighth in the race. His teammate overtook him all round.

Following the Budapest race, Toto Wolff assured that Bottas' future would not depend on a bad day at the office, but that the team would weigh the pros and cons of changing a driver.

Video: Bottas Collision, Hamilton Rotation, and anger by tota wolff

Bottas says he is not particularly worried if the change really takes place, as he already has a backup plan in place:

“It's not easy. But it's a sport. You are always moving at the border and deciding what level of risk is still acceptable. If at the same time matters about your contract are unclear, it certainly doesn't help. Some people think that drivers are better when under pressure, but this is not true for me. When you are in Formula 1, you must always have a plan B and a plan C. “

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Valtteri remains second on the list of best drivers of the season so far 2019 . His teammate Lewis Hamilton remains in first place after the race in Hungary and Max Verstappen in third

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