Lewis Hamilton is convinced that Niki Lauda would be excited about Mercedes' performance at the Hungaroring. Hamilton, just before the end of the race, was able to beat Max Verstapp from Red Bull with a great strategy.

At the top race in Budapest, Hamilton spent most of the time closely following Verstappen, who had been leading since the start. V 66. he managed to overtake the circle thanks to Mercedes' excellent tire strategy.

After several unsuccessful attempts to overtake the Dutchman, the British were called to the boxes, where they installed new medium

tires. So he managed to make up for it 19 – a second behind and eventually overtake an increasingly dangerous competitor.

Hamilton won the Hungarian Battle with an extra stop and won the Hungaroring

Hamilton admitted that they had problems all weekend, so the win was even sweeter.

“Honestly, we had problems with the braking system all weekend. I was a little worried. In fact, I cruised a lot and did not touch the brake halfway through the circle. I tried to save as much as I could. “

Five-time world champion believes former non-executive Mercedes president Niki Lauda, ​​who has passed away, would also look forward to victory earlier this year :

»It was very difficult to get past. Their [Red Bull] defense was excellent. They are pretty fast on the plains. Honestly, I didn't know if I could make up for that big 19 – second the backlog. Just like the team said, 'Just shake your head and keep trying.' I kept getting closer and closer. The circles seemed like qualifying rounds, every round actually. Hat down to the team and I think if Niki was here he would have put his hat down too. “

Video: Beating Lewis Hamilton to Win the Hungaroring

Hamilton praised Mercedes engineers for making the bold decision to call him boxing to install new tires only 20 circles before the end. This, of course, gave Verstappn an advantage of almost 20 seconds, but Hamilton with new tires made up for lost time:

“I'm really grateful for this day and the team that continues to believe in me. That they risk seeing the opportunity. We've been together for seven years and still haven't gotten tired of it. It seems like a new victory to us. If it wasn't for those guys and guys at the factory, it would have been impossible to race that way. I used to drive to the extreme. “

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