After the Hungarian GP race at the Hungaroring, the first three racers at a press conference got into an interesting conversation about Fernando Alonso’s possible return to Formula 1. While Sebastian Vettel admitted that the Spaniard’s return doesn’t interest him at all , Lewis Hamilton jokingly said that Alonso could replace the unconvinced Pierre Gasly at Red Bull.

Following the end of the race on the social network, Fernando Alonso praised the racing of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Hungaroring, and there have been growing rumors lately that the two-time world champion could be back in the coming season Formula One.

Vettel : Rightly, I don’t care. I don’t think he ever really liked me. I appreciate his achievements as a good driver, but as I said, I am not concerned with his return.

Verstappen : Maybe s could come back as a social networking manager. Fernando has always been very kind to me. He loves racing and will certainly take advantage of it when offered the opportunity.

Hamilton: Formula One needs the best drivers, and Fernando certainly belongs to this group. At least one seat is currently available to allow him to fight for victories. I think his return would be good for sports.

Verstappen: Maybe you could recommend him to Toto Wolff?

Hamilton : Valtteri wins races. In my opinion, you have an empty seat.

Verstappen : I didn’t say that.

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