Valtteri Bottas warned his team-mate Lewis Hamilton that he would be racing much more aggressively against him in the future.

Bottas started the race for the Hungarian GP in front of Hamilton, but after a poor start and a more careful run through the first section of the bends, Finn had to leave his teammate, who eventually won the Hungaroring race.

Bottas, after finishing the eighth place he claimed, admitted that he would be significantly more aggressive in the fight with another racer, but warns Hamilton that it may not be so in the future indulgent.

That's right. I'm part of the team and we all want to score maximum points. Lewis closed me tightly in the third corner and I was running out of space. Next time, I might act differently and race more aggressively. The fact is that he would be racing differently against the others, but in such situations, the interests of the team must also be considered.

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