A radical track under the new Qiddiya complex, which will be launched under the pool, could be in season 2017 hosted the Formula 1 premiere race for the GP of Saudi Arabia.

The construction of the multi-billion-dollar Qiddiya project has already been announced 2017 by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and construction of the gigantic complex is expected to begin soon, with years ending 2022.

Meanwhile, the Saudi authorities have contacted Liberty Media regarding the possibility of organizing a Formula One race in the off-season 2017 and Qiddiya is set to become a national entertainment and sports center, centered on the F1 track, which runs under a large swimming pool.

At # Qiddiya 's Resort Core, night will turn into day and day will turn into night. Yes, it will be a buzzing 24 / 7 destination offering a myriad of amusement including Water Park, Speed ​​Park & ​​Six Flags Qiddiya – you name it! # QiddiyaSoMuchMore pic.twitter.com/FSI92 voHC6

– Qiddiya – القدية (@qiddiya) August 3, 2019

Qiddiya will grow 25 kilometers from the capital Riyadh, a complex that will feature a number of other sports facilities, a water and amusement park, hotels and shopping malls in addition to the racetrack.

لا مكان للتوقف! حلبة السرعة في # القدية تعدك بمزيد من السرعة والتشويق والإثارة في تجربة لا تنسى في قيال

# القدية_أكثر_بكثير pic.twitter.com/5rBWLNg97 a

– Qiddiya – القدية (@qiddiya) July , 2019

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