Kimi Raikkonen has made it clear that he will not accept any interference with his private life from Alfa Romeo's management.

Most Formula One teams add a clause to the contract that prohibits riders from engaging in dangerous activities or extreme sports in their spare time. Of course, this is to prevent any injuries that might cause the driver to miss the races. In addition, drivers usually have to obtain special permission from the team if they wish to participate in other racing categories during the Formula One season.

Alfa Romeo executives will obviously have to reshape the contract if they want to retain a talented and experienced driver like Kimi. The Finnish does not agree with the restrictions set by the contract. In fact, she sees it as worthless, as he told a Hungarian magazine this week Vezess :

“I didn't read the contract because it's worthless as far as I'm concerned. When we first talked to Alfa Romeo-Sauber, I told them I would leave if they complained about such things. “

Raikkonen is known for his love of high-speed vehicles, both on land and in the water. He often spends his free time on his water scooter and rides motocross. Like many Finns, the last Ferrari champion is a big fan of ice hockey, which is another of his sports. According to him, there is no point in talking about problems before they happen:

“There are many dangerous things in life. Of course, one must always be careful. We'll already talk about the problems, if any.

Raikkonen is with 39. currently the oldest Formula 1 driver in the world. Alfa Romeo has a contract for the rest of the season 700. It is possible he will renew his contract for another season, which would mean he would be the first to score 75 racing in his Formula One driver's career.

What his decision will be depends, among other things, on the outcome of discussions on changes to the rules in elite motorsport for the season 2021 . He is also ready to help shape the new rules:

“Everyone has opinions on the rules, but I don't know how much they follow. Drivers want to influence the new rules through GPDA [Grand Prix Association Drivers Association]. If they ask me, I'll tell them what I think. We'll see!”

Whatever happens when Kimi finally disposes of his helmet, we certainly will not see him as an expert on any Formula 1 team, as he believes there is more politics in modern Formula 1 than in most countries of the world:

»God forbid, it is not for me !. It's gone! “

Raikkonen: Alfa knows to leave if they complain

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