Formula One racing director Michael Masi has confirmed that from now on, the FIA ​​will be punished by any dangerous boxing penalty with a time penalty, which is also the case when the team does not gain advantage on the track.

Following the FIA's decision to penalize Ferrari for boxing only Charles Leclerc with a financial penalty, it received numerous criticisms, an umbrella automotive organization with teams has reached an agreement that such offenses will now take place. further sanctioned by a fine of a time mark.

In a race in Germany, Ferrari mechanics were released after changing their tires by Charles Leclerc at the time Romain Grosjean drove past, and Scuderia was fined

US dollars.

However, the Commissioners' decision was strongly criticized by Max Verstappen, who said before the race for the Hungarian GP:

“This is a wrong decision. If you were fined for this offense, everyone would be doing it, since 5000 dollars are for teams to crush. I myself was punished with the same punishment with a time penalty, which is unfair. This kind of inconsistency is completely wrong mainly because it concerns safety. “

At a special meeting at the Hungaroring with the teams, Fia reached an agreement to punish such offenses in the future solely with the penalty of a penalty second penalty, as confirmed by racing director Michael Masi.

“We have reached an agreement with the team bosses to punish any dangerous boxing descent from time to time in the future without any exceptions. This also applies where the racer has not gained an advantage as a result. “

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