I had a look at the 2019 drivers grid predictions from this time last year. There are a lot of threads at the moment about driver line up predictions for the 2020 grid. It’s always fun to discuss what we think will happen next year and our dream combos. This is the first season I’ve watched since getting back into F1 and I didn’t really know what the drivers’ scene was like last year and how unexpected any changes were, so I thought it would be interesting to see how the predictions were lining up at this point last year. Here are the results;

Predicted line up vs Actual line up.

Driver predictions by team.

Mercedes was the only line up correctly guessed by the majority. While Williams and Toro Rosso seem to have had the most unexpected reshuffle. Vettel, Verstappen and Bottas were the only three drivers that 100% people predicted would drive in there current team with the next closest being Hamilton. Toro Rosso also has the biggest spread of drivers with 12 different suggestions. Ericsson driving for Alfa (Sauba) was the most popular suggestion that was wrong at 85.2% of votes going to him being in that seat, while 0% voted for Kvyat and Räikkönen at STR and Alfa respectively. 

It interesting to see just how different the outcome was to what everyone thought was going to happen. Will this silly season be even more silly? I took predictions from this time last year during the summer break only including predictions that had suggested both two drivers for a team. The results may be slightly skewed by Danny Ric’s Announcement of him signing with Renault. I took Sauba guesses as Alfa and Force India as Racing Point. I’m looking forward to some unexpected reshuffles!! Happy summer break :))

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