Toto Wolff has revealed, in a recent interview, that he’s tested positive for Coronavirus while on holiday in Austria. However, Wolff is not experiencing any symptoms, unlike Lewis Hamilton with whom contract negotiations are still ongoing.

Unable to avoid the question regarding the matter, Wolff reassured that everything goes according to the plan: “The lawyers are working hard. We don’t make life easy for them, of course, when we both argue over Zoom and keep sending curveballs to the lawyers. He’s in America now and I’m here, at some point we will finalise it.” he told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

“It’s how it is with negotiations,” he insisted. “You always come from different corners, but that’s quite normal. We have a really solid basis in our relationship. We have celebrated great successes together and want to continue doing so in the future. But sometimes you have to talk things out in detail, and that took, or still takes us, some time. But before Bahrain at the latest, you have to sign something at some point.”

Referring to George Russell, Wolff said: “We’ve never played the Russell card. He did incredibly well and will one day be in a top car, but our long-standing partnership is not at all about making any threatening gestures. We know we want to race together. And now we have to negotiate the contract.”

Towards the end of the season, it seemed that a new deal was merely a matter of time. But it soon became evident that this was not the case and that major differences indeed exist, while money is understood to be at the core of talks it is believed that there are other obstacles, mainly from Hamilton’s side of the table.

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