(Motorsport-Total.com) – The quarterly report of the Formula 1 Group shows an increase in revenue in April to June 2019 in comparison to the previous year. This also benefits the Formula 1 teams whose income has also risen due to the better position of the premier class – although the award-winning race in Bahrain in the season 2021 was earlier than in the year (**********************************************************************************) Chase Carey


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According to Liberty Media, Formula 1 earnings are from 522 millions Euro on The yields are from (********************************************************************************************************) 22 Million euros. The ten Formula One teams have also received more money: Payments are now Year (********************************************) Million Euro.

A total of seven Grands Prix were held in the second quarter in the year 2018. However, in the year 2019 instead of the Formula 1 race in Bahrain, the race in Austria flowed into the quarter, which is less lucrative than that Bahrain race. This has reduced the turnover of the Paddock Club, as more VIP interest is generated in Bahrain than in Austria.


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Liberty Media comments on the numbers: ” Revenues from the races have fallen slightly, as compared to the season (*******************************************************************************************************) Transfers have risen due to fixed contractual agreements, and the revenue from advertising is due to new sponsors on board since the second half of the season and Sponso

According to the report, the numbers in all other areas of Formula 1 have declined due to the composition of the races in the second quarter. This includes not only the income of the Paddock Club, but also the revenues of the TV production. Nevertheless, Formula One CEO Chase Carey is in good spirits that the goals are met in the season (************************************************************************) He says: “Formula One is going into the summer break after a few memorable races and we're excited about the narrower competition from Red Bull and Ferrari and the victory of another engine manufacturer, and we're also pleased that revenue and profitability have increased We are on track to reach our goals for the year (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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