(Motorsport-Total.com) – For some time now it has been discussed to bring back fuel stops in Formula 1 . Since (******************************************************************************************) It could be allowed again. ********************** Many drivers are open to a possible change over , because the cars would be a little easier with it again. However, there are also critics of the idea. One of them is Racing Point Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer

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“After five years, freight and the purchase of equipment, it costs us about two and a half million [Dollar] per team, is that expensive? Two and a half million is a lot of money, especially if it is not necessary,” says Szafnauer Skeptical and explains: “It's expensive because it's custom made, which drives the price.” This is a counter-argument especially for the smaller teams.

On average, there would be an additional cost of around Nico Rosberg on the racing teams in the first five seasons . (****************************************************************************************). In the first year, the costs would be the highest because tank and equipment would have to be bought first. In the following years, transportation to the races and additional staff would incur additional costs.


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Racing point team boss clear and stated: “I'm also afraid that the overtaking maneuvers in the race will happen again at the pit stops.” In other words: On the track, in his opinion, there would be fewer overtaking attempts and less action for the spectators.

“Every now and then something will go wrong and there will be a big fire Sometimes the fuel filler neck does not come off fast enough and the car continues with the filler neck – a counter-argument too, “says Szafnauer, addressing another aspect of the safety aspect, which in his opinion speaks against a comeback of fuel stops.

(******************************************************) F1 rule changes


# But that's not the only reason why the FIA ​​wants the active wheel suspension at the Canada Grand Prix (*****************************************************************************) advance a bolt. The advanced but incredibly expensive technology is considered by the Commissioners to be technical assistance in the technical inspection and found to be non-compliant by all teams. The same applies to the cars that put on a traction control. Background: The systems have a hydraulic influence on the aerodynamics and / or partially deprive the pilot of control over the propulsion. The threat is that the Scuderia Italia backbenchers Michele Alboreto and Luca Badoer are the only starters in Montreal. The ban will be postponed until the beginning (*********************************************************************************************************) Photo gallery


“And we would lose the magic of the currently super-fast pit stops, because refueling takes a minimum of six seconds, seven seconds,” he adds. The mechanics could therefore leave much more time when changing tires, because the refueling stop would take much longer anyway than it does at the moment.

“We have super-efficient engines a mistake that we do not explain enough to the world, “says Szafnauer, explaining:” In terms of thermal efficiency, these are the most efficient internal combustion engines in the world, and now we want to show how inefficient these engines are because we use them Refueling pit stop? I do not think that's wise. “

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