(Motorsport-Total.com) – The asphalt on the Dragstrip at the Hockenheimring has been fatal to several riders at the German Grand Prix. Once the riders got off the track, they lost control of their cars on the asphalt of the dragster track. Accordingly, the criticism of the driver does not diminish.

Nico Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg continues to quarrel with his Germany failure Zoom Download

Nico Hülkenberg, who left the track in a promising position and failed, even got in touch with FIA race director Michael Masi. The German says, “It was the first thing I did in the morning, so if we were back, it would be different, but that does not help.”

Masi was initially thought that the dragstrip was not a big problem. Hulkenberg says that the race director has changed his mind: “You just have to look at the pictures, how much evidence is needed? We were just passengers and could not do anything.” Hulkenberg has never experienced something like in Germany in his career.

The race director wants to keep the conversation content of the two but secret. However, he confirms that he would look for solutions if he had to look at the spot before the race again. He says, “But there is a reason why it was a private conversation between Nico and me.”

When he left his car, world champion Lewis Hamilton fell off the track. The Briton was able to save himself. Leclerc has not seen the departure of the Mercedes driver with his own eyes.

“I saw a video from the stands that made me very happy surprised, because I did not realize that Lewis flew off, while I was there in the gravel bed, “said the Monegasque. “He must have known that I was there, but it has been raining in the last two corners and on slicks it was really difficult, we really could not do much.”

Although The Ferrari driver in Germany has lost important points, he does not seem to quarrel with the loss: “The conditions were really very bad in the last two corners when it started to rain again, which is no excuse, I have to learn from it . “

Asked if he could not have prevented the departure, he answers,” Yes, of course, if you're in the car, you always want to drive at the limit Realizing that it is raining more heavily in the last sector, I arrived there with slicks and was surprised how little grip there was compared to the previous round. “

Sainz felt “stupid” The Spaniard says: “We were surprised how slippery it was there, a driver sees the asphalt and thinks: 'I can get out there, that's no problem!' I purposely went out and suddenly it was damn slippery. “

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc got it in Hockenheim too Zoom


On the radio, Sainz complained then, but also to hide his shame about the maneuver. He says, “I felt stupid, I could have got the corner easily.” Sainz made the wrong decision and lost some (*********************************************************************************.

According to Sainz, the frustration is so great because many riders did not expect these grip conditions on the drag strip. “Next time [sollte es eins geben] we know it and will avoid it,” says Sainz. However, he also sees problems in safety: The asphalt has made us faster and that is a problem. We should not drive even faster through the asphalt on a wall. “

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