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Photo: Sportsmediapics

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

23. 07. 2019

Also in the motorcycle mecca Mugello (IT) there were again full points last weekend. (**************************************************************************)

The in both championship races on the Mugello Circuit, the class victory and also left some Formula 3 drivers behind. (******************************************************************************************)

“This weekend went very well. In the first race I had a little bit of trouble with the tires, but I was able to retract P1. In the second run, the rubbers were also in the right window and I was able to control the field safely, “said Gruber. (**************************************************************)

The newcomer is now leading the overall standings, although he has less than a full race weekend on the account. Also in the state championship is the Schlusslberger front.

Plans are already running in the background for the coming season, but nothing is certain yet. “We have a few options and have discussions with teams in various series. But there is still some time left. “(**********************************************************************************)

The Drexler Formula Cup is now in the summer break. The next race weekend for Gruber is on (***********************************************************************************************). August at the Slovakiaring on the program.

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