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When his brother Charles ((**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)). No wonder – after all, Charles, who is almost three years older, has already arrived where Arthur would one day like to land. In Formula 1 – the premier class of motorsport. “Of course it's a dream to drive one day in Formula 1,” says Arthur Leclerc before the highlight of the year this weekend, when the ADAC Formula 4 drives in the supporting program of the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix of Germany – and thus the two Leclerc brothers are united: “But I fully concentrate on the present and on getting the best possible result at Hockenheim and collecting many points for the championship.”

So until one day maybe a second Leclerc in Formula 1 at the start, is for the 17 – yearlings still busy. “It's a long way to becoming a good driver, it's hard work, Charles always works and always tries to find something that makes him better,” says Arthur Leclerc, who is currently in his first ADAC Formula 4 season. Nevertheless, Leclerc junior is already very close to the premier class this weekend – the ADAC Formula 4 drives in the framework program of the Mercedes-Benz German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring and completes two races on Saturday (17. (****************************************************************************************************) 10.25 Clock) , SPORT1 broadcasts both races live (**********************************************************************************)

The 18 Year-old starts for the team US Racing CHRS, which is led by the former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar – and which last year in the ADAC Formula 4 has cleared both the driver, the team and the rookie title , “They have a lot of experience, I can learn a lot from them,” says Leclerc: “They are always there for me and support me.”

out he finished the season in fifth. Step by step and carefully it should go up. And the direction is right once. After six races, Leclerc is third in the standings, seven points behind Theo Pourchaire and Niklas Krütten, who share the same lead. Of course, it is still early in the championship, and yet Leclerc has already proven that he will have a say in the title this year. Leclerc says: “I could have been quicker here and there – we have to make sure that we can do everything to be really fast . “

In the field of ADAC Formula 4, the Monegasse is the driver with probably the biggest name. Clear that many eyes are turned to him when Leclerc turns his rounds. But this pressure and high expectations are felt by (****************************************************************************************************) – Yearlings are not annoying: “When I'm in the car, I focus on 100 percent on my job I do not think about it, just how and where I can improve myself. ” He always has the big goal Formula 1 in mind. “It's still a long way for me, I focus on my season and on doing well in the championship, then we'll see where it goes for me,” says Leclerc.

Since April this year, Leclerc is now under contract with Sauber. There he is part of the junior team. In the Swiss team, which now starts in the Formula 1 as Alfa Romeo Racing, also made Arthur's brother Charles the first steps in Formula 1 Meanwhile, he drives at the great Scuderia Ferrari at the side of the four-time world champion and ADAC Formula 4 patron Sebastian Vettel. And with success: he has already landed on the podium five times and is fifth in the overall standings. (*********************************************************************************************************)

“This is a serious program associated with an F1 team – my brother was up too (******************************************************************) at Sauber, so this opportunity means a lot to me, “says Leclerc junior. In any case, Frédéric Vasseur, the boss of Sauber's Formula One team, is already scrutinizing how the younger Leclerc is doing. “He has already proved that he is talented and motivated,” he says: “He will reach the next level through international races.” Vasseur knows what he's talking about – he's been involved in motorsport for decades and has worked in the youth field for many years.

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