Alfa Romeo Sports Director Beat Zahnder has revealed that this season, Kimi Raikkonen, in most cases, manages all the settings of his car without the help of his racing engineer.

While most racers rely on the guidance of their race engineer during the race itself, this obviously does not apply to Kimmy Raikkonen, who determines his strategy in addition to the settings themselves.

Alfa Romeo Beat Beat Zahnder, director of Kimmy’s determination:

“Kimi races without instructions. While engineers are discussing whether it is necessary to change the powertrain settings, Kimi already changes them himself. In Hungary, he also made the decision to use medium tires, although we planned to use a harder version before the race. In the end, this earned him 7th place as he had great traction from 14. bend. Otherwise, Bottas would probably overtake him. “

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