In an interview with Motorsport-Total, Kimi Raikkonen spoke about last year's FIE Awards in St. Petersburg, where an ice-cold Finn was slightly vigilant all night long to entertain the crowd.

The usually restrained Finn was one of the most entertaining participants in this year's awards ceremony, and Raikkonen remembered one of the most entertaining FIA ceremonies in recent years in an interview with Motorsport-Total:

“The fact is that this award is so damn boring that it's better to get drunk. Maybe I was invited just to have fun. ”

At the same time, Kimi revealed that he had not been summoned by FIE after the award, which would have disturbed his behavior:

“No, no one called. I don't know why they would, since they invited me, and it's not my fault. Otherwise, nothing bad happened. “

Video: Seb holding a drunk Kimmy smoking a cigar

Video: Kimi Raikkonen arrives drunk and finishes cigar at FIA Final deadlines

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