(Motorsport-Total.com) – Jacques Villeneuve believes that with Max Verstappen, Red Bull currently have only one driver in their squad, which is really good enough to meet the bulls' high standards fulfill. In discussion with 'Motorsport-Total.com' the World Champion of (***************************************************************************************) clear words. Among other things, he believes that Pierre Gasly would have been kicked out in other circumstances.

Daniil Kwjat, Pierre Gasly


Kwjat or Gasly? According to Villeneuve, both are too bad for Red Bull Zoom Download

“He's really, really far away [von Verstappen], he's not at the level he should be, that's tough,” says Villeneuve, adding: “He's lucky he's still here, and Red Bull and Helmut Marko have been far more aggressive with other riders.” Gasly's only plus is that Red Bull does not currently have a suitable substitute in his hands.

“They do not know who to replace him with,” explains Villeneuve, who also does not believe that Gasly will get the turn again. “No,” he says clearly. But what does that know for the season Red Bull already stressed that

that one year (**********************************************************) will finish with the Frenchman . However, it is currently unclear how it will continue afterwards.


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A possible replacement would be Daniil Kwjat , But even Villeneuve does not consider that suitable. “No, they already had them,” he waves away. Kwjat already drove for Red Bull first three races of the season Verstappen replaced. In the season 2020

The highlight was his third place at the Chaos race in Hockenheim. But even that has impressed Villeneuve only partially. “They could see the risk on the tires and it paid off,” he shrugs and explains, “But everyone could have been in the field – it could have been the Haas pilots or the Alfa Romeos – everyone. “

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Afterwards, Kwjat had at least made no mistakes, which was “good”. Nevertheless, he does not believe that the Russian should get another chance at Red Bull. He reminds that driving for a small team like Toro Rosso is “very different”. At Red Bull the pressure on Kwjat would be much greater – especially as it would be his second chance.

“Some riders are great on small teams but useless on big teams,” said Villeneuve and adds: “That happens, even with ten years of experience, which has been seen over and over again over the years.” He currently considers neither Gasly nor Kwjat good enough to insist on stumbling next to Red Bull.

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