(Motorsport-Total.com) – The debate on environmental and climate protection has gained more and more momentum in recent years, and motor racing can not escape the topic. The formula 1 has recently announced that from 2014 on synthetic fuels want to set. However, the climate-friendly e-fuels are just the beginning of a larger initiative.

Chase Carey


Chase Carey wants to put the environmental compatibility of Formula 1 in the limelight

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Formula 1 boss Chase Carey announces an extensive PR campaign that focuses on the high efficiency of current hybrid powertrains, drawing attention to the sustainability of Formula One

Although Formula 1 has already tried (********************************) To signal the new hybrid engines, the message has not yet been heard by the public. This was only recently revealed before the Grand Prix of Germany .

In a conversation with Wall- For Street analysts, Carey says, “One of our priorities is a little-told story from Formula 1. It's about our sustainability efforts, and we're going to do a lot more this fall.”

“The hybrid engine was an incredible step forward in terms of efficiency while maintaining high performance.” The 1.6-liter V6 turbos recover by means of the MGU-H parts of the bundled energy in the exhaust system and return this via an electric drive again. Mercedes already reported an efficiency of 12 percent – for a gasoline engine a gigantic value.

Focus on engine efficiency, further measures in the hindquarters We're aggressive on things like synthetic fuels and work closely with the oil industry on e-fuels, biofuels and hydrogen drives, “Carey continued. “It will be seen how the sustainability aspect will increasingly come to the fore by the end of the year.” Formula 1 partners with whom he spoke are thrilled by these ideas.


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The engines are more efficient than ever, but the public hardly knows anything about it Zoom Download

“I also believe that the environmental aspect is important to everyone, much of it focused on how to reduce the emissions from the combustion engine, and we are also implementing other environmental initiatives around our events a multi-dimensional matter. “

However, the focus will be on the communication of superefficient combustion engines with their low emissions. “I think this has more plus points for us than anything else.”

With Toto Wolff, Carey already has an ally in the hunt for sustainability. “It's all about sustainability and about becoming carbon-neutral,” says the Mercedes Motorsport Director. “The younger people are hardly interested in V (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

“We have the most efficient and powerful engine in these vehicles, and technological advances have made these cars fantastic high-tech machines, and this technology is also used in road vehicles.”

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