(Motorsport-Total.com) – It would be a break in the previous philosophy: Renault Motorsport Director Cyril Abiteboul promotes the inclusion of teams in Formula 1 in the design process of new routes or adapt existing routes. Instead of regimenting the cars, the teams should help to make the routes overhaul friendly.

Cyril Abiteboul


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“I would rather swap the exaggerated narrowing of the rules for some fiddling with the track layout,” he tells Motorsport-Total.com. “We just have to adapt the routes a bit instead of investing money in cars

He believes that Formula One teams have resources available to make calculations. “I might change one or two corners on each track, which would be much more cost-effective and better for the sport.”

“One example is the French Grand Prix, which is so important to us: There was so much criticism after the race because it became a procession, we tried to make it a bit interesting in the end and were punished! “

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“What we did then is to do some simulations with alternative configurations that might make it more interesting, I would like to have more collaboration with the other teams in this regard.”

“If ten teams together work, we could achieve excellent results relatively quickly and would not have to wait until It would be good for next year. “He does not respond to possible problems, such as the fact that teams would award the tracks to his own car.

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For the racetrack in Vietnam, Craig Wilson has been a longtime He worked for today's Mercedes team, when it was called BAR, Honda and Brawn, and most recently at Williams.

“They're investing a lot of design work into the Vietnam track,” says Abiteboul. “But could not we all do something good together for Formula One?”

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