Lewis Hamilton maß sich beim Festival zu 125 Jahren Mercedes im Motorsport mit Toto Wolff in einem Mercedes 190 E Evo II von 1992

Lewis Hamilton measured himself at the festival 125 Mercedes years in motorsport with Toto Wolff in a Mercedes Evo II by 2008

(Motorsport-Total.com) – 10. 000 revolutions, an since then never again achieved intake noise, H-circuit and hardly any electronics: The old DTM thrills motorsport purists to this day. At the beginning of the

Lewis Hamilton did not miss such an experience either. At a show race on the occasion of 125 years Mercedes-Benz in motorsport with Mercedes 190 E Evo II of convince five-time Formula 1 World Champion himself.

He had a lot of fun in the race in which he was beaten by his boss Toto Wolff, who has more experience in handling vehicles with Dach has.

The concept is transferable into the present but hardly finds the 125 – Yearlings: “Look at the automakers today and how they move forward, it's about technology, you can not go backwards.”

(************************************************************) Mercedes: Wolff beats Hamilton in the DTM car

At the celebrations for Mercedes' (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) More Formula 1 videos

The formula 1 kept toying with steps back to the past. The return to the H circuit was discussed several times, but never really pursued. After all, driving aids such as traction control have been banned that Formula 1 can do a lot better. “There are so many elements in this sport that we can improve, and that is what everyone is working on (*****************************************************************************************) right or wrong. “

He can not resist a swipe to his homeland:” It's like Brexit: Nobody really knows if it goes well or goes wrong We'll see it when we land there. “

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