Kimi Raikkonen admitted that during his racing days at Lotus, he often enjoyed a cigarette during racing weekends on the terrace of his team residence, and was joined by team boss Eric Boullier.

The Iceman alias, who 2007 became world champion for years 2007 and one of the most popular racers in the world for many years, was especially at the beginning of his racing career. a career known for his wild private life, characterized by fun and alcohol.

In an interview with Motorsport-Total, Raikkonen revealed that he often had a cigarette with his former Lotus team members.

“It was said that I smoked at team meetings. I’m almost sure that’s not true. I used to smoke mostly on the terrace, sometimes with my boss. ”

At the same time, Kimi said that his smoking did not disturb the then Lotus team boss Eric Boullier.

“Obviously not. That was never a problem, or at least he never told me it would bother him. “

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