Max Verstappen has responded to the news that he will have a new teammate, Alexander Albon, at the next race. The Dutchman regrets that Pierre Gasly has lost his seat, but stresses that he does not care who his teammate is, since his goal is to beat everyone on the track.

Pierre Gasly replaced Daniel Ricciard in the Red Bulls first season this season, but the Frenchman did not find himself in the first half of the season and was no match for teammate Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull team has made the decision to replace Alexander Albon at the next race at Spa Francorchamps, while Gasly returns to Toro Rosso to join Daniel Kvyat.

Verstappen said of the change at Red Bull:

“Too bad for Pierre, but I don't care who my teammate is. My goal is to beat everyone and win the world title. The main point of the change is that we want to score more points with the other car, which we have not succeeded in so far. “

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