(Motorsport-Total.com) – Daniel Ricciardo's lawyers have filed a fierce defense against a claim of over £ 10 million from his former adviser, according to Motorsport-Total.com

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Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo resolutely defends himself against the claims of Glenn Beavis Zoom Download

As of 'Motorsport-Total. com 'reports, Glenn Beavis demands a (*****************************************************************************) – Percentage stake in Ricciardo's Renault salary and other lucrative deal content for the Australian. Their letter of defense, which was submitted to the High Court of Justice in London and reviewed by 'Motorsport-Total.com', challenges all elements of the allegedly agreed commission.

In the defense for Ricciardo and Whitedunes – the company that represents its commercial interests – states that Beavis is his (********************************************************************) – only after Ricciardo informed him last December of his intention not to continue the collaboration.

The document also states that the sum of more than 10.000 (. British pounds “in sharp contrast to e-mail contacts” – both before and after the recent Treaty of Mitte (*************************************************************************).

The 16 – page document goes in Twice this is about unspecified “instructions” from Whitedunes and once to the claim that Beavis has “threaded numerous deals” that were never put into action.

Ricciardo has a

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ – and other commercial deals pledged. However, this is only on a case-by-case basis and not on the basis of a written agreement.


has been closed. Through this, the former consultant believes that he has a monthly base salary of (**************************************************************************************). 000 plus one (************************************************************************) – a share in Ricciardo's revenue

Ricciardo's defense contradicts Beavis' claims in numerous respects. It refers to the communication between the two parties from January to July (*************************************************************************) – the period in which the contract was discussed

It is said that a (*************************************************************************************************************************) *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (********************************************************************************************************************) and that he has worked out, such arrangements would only apply to “sponsorship and merchandising contracts.”

This means that the “deals” to which Beavis refers are themselves purely on commercial or sponsorship contracts, “but not on driving and motorsport contracts.”

Nico Hülkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Renault Megane R.S.


Beavis also requests a contribution in kind Zoom Download

“Any attempt by Mr. Beavis to obtain a stake in Mr. Ricciardo's revenue was immediately rejected,” the defense said on the correspondence between January and July At no time did Ricciardo agree to a deal that went beyond Beavis' established salary.

in Formula 1 from Red Bull to Renault. The first letter of intent was made in early August.

Beavis claims to have threaded this change. He refers to conversations with Renault motorsport boss Cyril Abiteboul, which until the year 2019 back. Ricciardo's defenders note that Beavis did not negotiate a deal, but that Renault's change was initiated by Ricciardo's father.

In any case, this driver contract falls outside the definition of any “deal” in which Beavis falls one Participation required.

Crumbled in August the alliance then: So Beavis is a (*************************************************************************************) – Percentage participation in all income Ricciardo and one (**************************************************************************************) – have claimed per cent on all sponsor deals. That would have been from the beginning 2017. Ricciardo's response to this is not documented in the defense – only that Ricciardo informed Beavis in mid-December that he had signed the contract of (************************************************************************)

It has been agreed that Beavis will continue to operate on the basis of The defense emphasizes once again that “at no time has a right to commission been agreed” Rolex as gift or commission? Commission “for the Red Bull contract in the year , The defense, in turn, says it was a gift.

Beavis also received a payment of % Of the value of a contract with BPS Healthcare on December 3 . Again, according to the defense, there was “no contractual obligation or basis”. It was just “in line with Ricciardo's principles” based on a meeting in April (************************************************************************************) in Monaco.

Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo has been driving (**************************************************************) for the Renault Factory Team 20 Zoom

Thus Beavis' claims are without legal basis and all payments from said period be settled. A breach of contract does not exist.

The defense concludes that Beavis is not entitled to any (************************************************************************************************************************) is estimated at millions of euros Furthermore, there is “no legal basis” for further claims in the future, such as (****************************************************************************)

In the end, the defense calls on Beavis to provide “clear evidence” proving the alleged defaults – not without stressing that he is not entitled to it anyway. )

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