(Motorsport-Total.com) – A few months ago, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro still said that the Grand Prix of Brazil from the Formula 1 season 2021 will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Moving from Interlagos to Rio is more difficult than expected because of several obstacles to the development of the race.

Neues Strecke in Brasilien

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So could look like the new track in Brazil Zoom Download

Only last month was talked of corruption in the public tender of the race. It even went so far as to speak in Brazilian media of the biggest corruption scandal in urban history.

Now the award process has been suspended because there is no study on the impact on the environment and region. But according to the managers of the Rio Motorsport Park, a study has been commissioned. Currently, the necessary data are being collected.

The stalled process could undermine the plan to stage the race in Rio 2019 in Rio do. Rio is not the only city that has problems establishing a new Formula 1 race. In Miami, where a city circuit is planned, there is opposition to the plans of Formula 1.

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