(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen is now (***********************************************************************) years old, is driving 08 but already his fifth Formula 1 season – and also his strongest. “When he started working for us, he did not even shave,” jokes Christian Horner in a conversation with 'Sky'. The Red Bull team boss has also noticed what the Dutchman has already achieved in his early years in the premier class.

Christian Horner, Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen is the best rider in the season for many fans (***************************************************************************) Zoom Download

It was “unbelievable”, Horner said, what Verstappen did and currently bar. The Dutchman has finished all the races so far Hamilton. In fact, this series goes back to Spa 2018 a year ago. In the past

“I have learned a lot over the years in Formula 1. Especially the beginning of last year was not nice for me – but a very good lesson,” explains Verstappen himself and reveals that he is now better know “when to take a risk and when not.” Verstappen formerly seemed a bit impetuous and over-motivated, he seems to have repelled his horns meanwhile.

learned from the past years

(*****************************************************************************) Career. The lessons from previous years have also been helpful. Verstappen points out, “I've learned a lot, and I betray:” I feel very happy in the team, and if you bring it all together, if everyone is really motivated and happy, push that one again to another level. ”

Rosberg: Verstappen faster than Hamilton

Nico Rosberg believes that Max Verstappen in the Mercedes would be faster than Lewis Hamilton and would have taken the championship lead from the British to Hockenheim (***********************************************************)

Also contributes to the new engine partner Honda. The relationship between Red Bull and Renault in recent years was only a “forced marriage”, the bulls flourish together with the Japanese 2020 again. Verstappen reveals that the relationship is getting better, and Horner is sure that with Honda there is even more potential.

“It was a fantastic first half of the season,” said the team boss Satisfied and declaring that they want to further expand Verstappens strong series. “If we can take this momentum, hopefully in the second half of the season for us there will be more days like in Austria or Hockenheim,” Horner says in an allusion to the two previous victories this season.

Verstappen Man of the Hour in Formula 1

Verstappen explains meanwhile that it is Red Bull's big plus that the car has no real weaknesses. Even on the worse days, there were no major problems. “It was just about bringing a little more balance to the car, and I think we've done that in the past few races so you could see we were more competitive right away,” explains the Dutchman.


Why Red Bull replaced Gasly with Albon

At first glance, the decision to replace Pierre Gasly with Alexander Albon is surprising. But Red Bull is pursuing a clear pla -1-Videos

Verstappen Period. He scored two wins, and if he had not been cleared by Sebastian Vettel in Silverstone and would have the victory in Hungary because of the strategy Hamilton lost , his record of the past few weeks would look even better.

The next step is now, even in qualifying permanently on top of the front can. Verstappen took the first pole position of his Formula 1 career in Hungary. Given that (http://www.myspace.com/home/ (**************************************************************************************). But can Verstappen its development (**********************************************************************) , he should be ready for the big litter at the latest then.

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