(Motorsport-Total.com) – The balance speaks a clear language. With (**********************************************************************************************************) Romeo duel against his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi. While the Italian scored points only in Spielberg in tenth, the experienced Finn took in eight of the twelve races with something countable – and thus ensured that Alfa Romeo in the World Cup for the summer break on place seven

Kimi Räikkönen


Kimi Raikkonen has been driving since 2019 again for his first Formula 1 team Zoom Download

“We are satisfied with the performance of the car and with the drivers,” explains team manager Beat Zehnder to the Finnish TV station 'C More Max' and adds: “Kimi is without a doubt still one of the fastest pilots, his knowledge on the technical side is enormous, he knows everything!” Zehnder knows Räikkönen even from his first time with the former Sauber team in the season the car has. ” Räikkönen himself draws the balance after the first half of the season as usual: “I had no concrete expectations, I wanted to give the best every weekend.”

Räikkönen satisfied with speed, but … World Cup rank eight not. “I think we started pretty well into the season,” he recalls, explaining: “From Barcelona we were not where we wanted to be, just too slow, before that it went well, and at Hockenheim we're fine In terms of speed, we were the fastest in the midfield. “


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“I do not think the points reflect the first half of the season correctly”, said the World Champion of 2007. He believes that both himself and Alfa Romeo could look even better as a team. “We are moving in the right direction, we are taking the right steps, but of course we are limited by the budget as a team, which is clear to us, we have to accept that,” he recalls.

“With the resources available to us, we are doing a good job,” he says (****************************************************************************) – Year-old and explains: “Of course we want to be faster, but gradually we come in. It will take, as always, the things we bring back to the car, I think we'll do it Not so bad, but it could always be better, some times we did not maximize the potential points, that's the way it is. “

Happy with Alfa ? “Can not complain”

is basically a fast car. “If we can fight with the McLarens, then the car is not so bad”, summed up Raikkonen. McLaren clearly leads the Formula 1 midfield with This puts you In fifth place, the Swiss squad is currently missing but only twelve counters.

In the second half of the season so it could in the World Cup quite a few places go up. For further updates are planned, as Raikkonen reveals. He is currently in the fight for the unofficial title “Best of the rest” among the drivers currently 27 Counter behind McLaren's Carlos Sainz. Basically, the former Ferrari driver feels well in his new / old job in Hinwil.


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“I can not complain,” is already out of his mouth a big compliment for his employer. There you are satisfied with the first half of the season. “Of course we are in a better situation – especially on the financial side,” recalls Zehnder, adding: “We had (*************************************************), 2015 and 2016 very difficult years, we were close to closing the whole company down. “

this year, sometimes in the very middle of the field could fight.

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