The longtime F1 chief of the Benetton and Renault teams, Flavio Briatore, has decided to enter politics and his political role model is US President Donald Trump.

The controversial Briatore, who 2008 was temporarily excluded from Formula One after the Crashgate affair, founded the 'Movimento del Fare' political movement.

Like the Trump business, the Italian will go into politics, and comparisons with the US president are a great honor for him.

“Because of my comparisons with the President of the United States, I am very honored. Donald is an extremely talented man that I have known for a very long time. I think I brought him to Europe for the first time. As he made his way to the White House, everyone turned to face him. He also made mistakes in business, but in the end he always got away. In America, people appreciate if you go wrong by mistake, while in Italy it is quite the opposite. ”

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