Former engineer and technical director of Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar teams Gary Anderson believes that Ferrari has turned into a big “mess” in recent years due to poor organization and management.

Ferrari entered the season as the first favorite to win the World Cup after a great performance in the winter testing, and after numerous failures, strategic skirmishes and racing mistakes, the team from Maranella are almost eliminated from the fight for the final glory after half a season. .

Anderson analyzed for Autosport what was happening with the Ferrari team in the first half of this season:

“Ferrari has become a mess in recent years and this is the responsibility of management. I do not understand how you can put your best engineer in political office and remove him from the position where he is the best. Binotto was a great technical director, a testament to the cars that have come under his leadership in recent years. This is not a job I would do in my free time and in my opinion they made a mistake. “

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