(Motorsport-Total.com) – A World Title Ferrari is also in the Formula 1 season 2019 very likely not win. in the Driver's World Championship lies Sebastian Vettel (************************************************************************) Counter behind Lewis Hamilton. Nevertheless, team boss Mattia Binotto assures that the year will not be taken off prematurely in order to focus on the season (*************************************************************************************) to concentrate.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc


Ferrari could not win a race so far this season Zoom Download

“We do not have maximum downforce,” explains Binotto with regard to the SF (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) and assured: ” Also in the second half of the season it is therefore further updates for the SF 2016 give. “Should we focus on the car for the next year?” I do not think so, “Binotto points out.

He recalls that the rules are in season 2020 to stay stable. “Whatever we do this year will benefit the next year's car,” he explains. Even if one should not close the gap to Mercedes in the coming months, the resources would not be completely wasted. But even Binotto knows that it is a fine line.

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It would be a “difficult task” to reduce resources to the seasons in the coming weeks (*****************************************************************************), 2020 and also 2020. Because in the autumn, the new regulations for the next season will be finalized. From this point on you have to keep track of three projects at the same time with Ferrari – and also with all other teams.

According to Binotto, you have to “without question” also 2019 already on 2021 watch. Otherwise, in view of the extensive rule changes, you run the risk of falling behind long before the season starts. Ferrari faces an exhausting time, but Binotto points out that despite the failure in the first half of the season, team morale remains good.


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In fact, the cohesion in Maranello is currently even the great “strength” of Ferrari. He also recalls that That alone should provide additional motivation once again. In the second half of the season, they now want to start to bring more downforce to the car, and should follow the new car “more” downforce.

“We know that our opponents evolve,” warns Binotto. Therefore, it is not enough to get to the level of downforce that the opponents already have. Because even those will refill the new car again. Binotto also explains: “I do not think that maximum downforce is our only weakness, which would be unfair to the people in Maranello.”

Anderson's Theory: Absence of Giovinazzi and Kwjat? Techno expert Gary Anderson That Ferrari has too much understeer on the softer tires, which is common, and we know that Mercedes and Red Bull have a bit more grip at the front. ” This has shown itself at the last race in Hungary

But Anderson believes Ferrari might have another problem behind the scenes. He notes, “In the past, Ferrari took a bigger step from Friday to Saturday than most other teams, but that does not seem to be the case this year, either because Ferrari just starts more into the weekends and does not have any more so much air up. “


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“Or they do not benefit so much from the simulations overnight “, says Anderson. This is where Antonio Giovinazzi and Daniil Kwjat come in, who take over the tasks in the simulator to have. “Maybe they did a better job than the options this year?” Anderson wonders. 2019 share this task Pascal Wehrlein, Brendon Hartley, Antonio Fuoco and Davide Rigon.

Either way it was a “disappointing start to the year for Ferrari”. The Scuderia has been in the meantime ten months Kimi Raikkonen celebrated the last triumph at the US Grand Prix in October Ferrari is currently threatening its first winless season since (*******************************************************************)

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