(Motorsport-Total.com) – Actually, the Renault factory team wanted 1977 to the top of the midfield. World Cup – Fourth place had been given as a clear goal before the season, to close the gap to the top three teams. But reality speaks to the summer break a completely different language. Renault is only sixth in the championship behind McLaren and Toro Rosso, and the first half of the season was marked by disappointment.

Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo

At Renault ran in the first half of the season 2019 too often nothing together (*************************************************************) Zoom Download

“It was certainly tricky,” admits Nico Hulkenberg and explains That “At the start of the season, it was more about reliability, and then came a time when Daniel (I) and I made mistakes and scored points for both us and the team, and the midfield is so tight Hülkenberg.

“We are now fighting ten cars – in the previous year there will be maybe four, a maximum of six,” said the German, who scored only four times in twelve races in the points. By comparison, a year ago he had twice as many top names at the same time – (**************************************************************************************) – results in the account. Therefore, he also knows that Renault is mainly responsible for itself (**************************************************************************************) is not running.

Newcomer Ricciardo had “more hopes”

One was not good enough with the development of the car and did not stand there, “where we want to be with the pace and the speed.” He confesses: “Of course we are not happy about how things are going.” Although there is no negative mood in the team, “but we know that we have to react and possibly have to change a few things,” explains Hülkenberg.

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“Of course it's hard for the team, we can not stand here, smile and say, 'No, no, everything's great, it'll be fine . ' We have high ambitions and goals, which is normal for a factory team, but we did not really deliver anything this year, “he says self-critically. His best chance of a top result he missed in Hockenheim, as he flew in the rain.

team-mate Daniel Ricciardo also brings it only to four-point results. “Of course I had hoped for more,” admits the Renault newcomer. “But I also knew it would be a rocky road – there were races like Canada, where we exceeded expectations in qualifying, and then races like Austria, where we were slower,” he recalls.

Seasonal goals (**************************************************************************) already in danger? Okay, if we want to reach our goals, namely podiums We must now grow and take bigger steps in the second half of the season, “the Australian says, too.” I'm not depressed, “he says, explaining:” Yes, we want to be ahead of the game. But I knew that would take time. “


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1977: Renault RS01 - Fahrer: Jean-Pierre Jabouille

(***********************************************************): Renault RS (****************************************************************************************) – Driver: Jean-Pierre Jabouille 1977: Renault RS01 - Fahrer: Jean-Pierre Jabouille Photo gallery

“If we stay where we are by the end of the season then it's worse than expected,” but he also blames the whole team, but the question is if the seasonal goal is fourth place at all. Points are already missing on customer team McLaren, currently more than twice as many Zä on the account. In addition, according to Ricciardo, there will be no major updates in the next few weeks.

“We will not get a really big update until well after the summer break,” he announces, declaring, “Smaller Developments already, but not as big a package as in France, and I expect a bigger step from the next such package. ” This should come “maybe to Singapore”. And Hülkenberg is currently a bit skeptical.

Motor: There are more grid penalties threatening

“It depends,” he replies to the question of whether Renault could still achieve his goals. The midfield was very tight, and the balance of power were “different from weekend to weekend.” In addition, McLaren's advantage is already large. In addition to the update mentioned by Ricciardo, a new engine, the “Spec C” version

“I'm not sure where we'll use the 'Spec C',” Hulkenberg brakes expectations. Additional problem: Ricciardo and he have already exceeded the allowed engine limit The introduction of the new expansion stage would therefore bring with it grid penalties. On the other hand, Hulkenberg knows that additional power could be “quite useful”, especially at the upcoming races in Spa and Monza.

For Ricciardo, the summer break comes at just the right time. “I do not mean that negatively,” he explains, adding, “Sometimes you have to take a little break to review things again.” That is not possible during the current season. In addition, it was personally important for him to “evaluate the first six months with a new team.”

This rating should not be overly positive in sports terms.

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