(Motorsport-Total.com) – The World Automobile Federation (FIA) continues to work on the Formula 1 of the year 2021 . The FIA ​​is planning a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to check the vehicles during the race weekend. In addition to the pressure, the tire temperatures should also be recorded by the system.



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In the same season in the premier class for the first time (***************************************************************************************************). Tire warmers will also be history. The monitoring system has two advantages: It ensures that the teams do not go below the Pirelli tire pressure and the ban on electric blankets is complied with.

The FIA ​​already has an invitation to tender for the TPMS distributed. The deadline for orders ends on 30. August. By October 4, the association wants to make a decision. At the 15. November, a prototype will be delivered to Pirelli. The system will be used during the tire test in December The teams will receive their first systems in February.


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The first contract for the delivery of the systems is to be signed for three years. These are the seasons 2022, (******************************************************************) and 620. The FIA ​​also has an option to extend the cooperation for a further three years.

(**************************************************************) In addition to the standard parts of the tank systems , it is already the second FIA advance, the operations of the Formula 1 teams from the season 2021 to monitor more strictly. The aim is to collect data in a standardized format and accurately and. The sensors must be compatible with the (***************************************************************************. Who will deliver the rims, is not fixed yet.

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