(Motorsport-Total.com) – It's been more than ten years since Fernando Alonso first got into serious negotiations with Red Bull. In the fall (**********************************************************************************************************) and the cops about a possible cooperation. “It's one of those things that unfortunately never happened, but it was very close,” says Adrian Newey to Esquire.

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The designer came “I think we had a lot of success together, but it did not work,” he explains, revealing, “We met a couple of times and there were negotiations in Austria.” Although Newey does not explicitly state the exact time period

According to Helmut Marko, however, you only have Opposite 'Motorsport-Total.com' Marko revealed a few months ago, (****************************************************************************************************) . There, Alonso's management made demands that were “very demanding” in some areas, according to Marko.

How often did Alonso negotiate? and Red Bull? and Please send us a draft contract, we have agreed that it will arrive within one week. It was in This was done – or not?

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“It has a However, that did not work out, so there was no offer from our side, “says Marko in the ORF. Alonso himself, on the other hand, speaks of several offers he has received from Red Bull over the years. And team boss Christian Horner confirm to 'Motor Sport Magazine',

“Helmut and I have finished (*****************************************************************************************************) and and offered him a two-year contract, “says Horner. Even then you have been in contact several times. Newey's statements also indicate that there are further negotiations after must have given. Because in the same interview he explains that Alonso almost became teammate of Sebastian Vettel.

(***************************************************************************************************) and 2008 for Toro Rosso and came first bulls. “It would have been like Ayrton [Senna] and Alain [Prost],” said Newey with regard to a possible driver pair Vettel / Alonso. In terms of timing, Newey's negotiations would therefore be more in the year , The only fact is that a cooperation never came about.


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“He seems to have been unlucky with some of his decisions,” muses Newey, who intervenes with Vettel and Red Bull between 2010 and 2013 won the World Cup four times in a row, while Alonso remained without a title at Ferrari for the same period. Also his later return to McLaren in the season the Spaniard the Formula 1 end

Newey thinks it's a pity that it has never come to a collaboration. Alonso is a driver who always gets more than the car actually allows. “I think that's a really big driver,” said Newey, who has worked with many world champions. Only the best pilots could show outstanding performance, “even though you do not have a great car.”

An interesting scenario would have been Alonso at Red Bull in any case – especially with one Teammate Sebastian Vettel …

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