(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lance Stroll drives 2019 his third season in Formula 1. The Canadian came After two and a half years in Formula 1, he talks about what has changed since then. “Every year is unique,” he explains, revealing, “If I think about the past few years, then the sport is definitely much more competitive than it was two years ago.”

Lance Stroll, Antonio Giovinazzi


According to Lance Stroll is much closer in Formula 1 than even 2017 Zoom Download

“When I came [in die Formel 1] he remembers back. Back then, one weekend at Williams, Williams had known pretty well “where we would be compared to our opponents.” In the races some have had almost a “guarantee” before that they will take points.

“Now the gaps between the teams are low and the racing in midfield very tight”, explains Stroll. So, in the 219397 World Cup (**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Counter. In this big crowd is also the Racing Point troupe for which Stroll starts this season.

The Canadian, however, thinks it is “good” for the sport that meanwhile it is so close between several teams. He hopes that it will be so close to the top in the future. Currently, there is still a two-class society in Formula 1. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull drive in front in their own league, behind them follows by far the midfield.

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