(Motorsport-Total.com) – At McLaren, the trend is clearly picking up this year. For the summer break, the traditional team from Woking in the World Cup ranked fourth and clearly at the midfield point. The new team boss Andreas Seidl, who has come to McLaren this year, also contributes. However, Carlos Sainz explains that his influence was not as great as one might expect.

Andreas Seidl, Carlos Sainz


Andreas Seidl and Carlos Sainz are 2019 both new at McLaren


The Spaniard who is also new to Woking 12 recalls that the 2019 he-car was built before Seidl's time – and also his own. “The whole development happened during the second half of the season [2018] when the team decided to start developing and find out why the 800 he car was so bad, “says Sainz.

Since then, the focus has been on the new car. However, Seidl joined the team only this year. “He now analyzes the whole situation in the factory,” says Sainz, explaining that the German is doing his job “very well”. “He just gets an overview and looks very carefully at what we can improve, it's a medium to long-term project,” explains Sainz.

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In fact, be Seidl with this task already “pretty far” come. “In the coming months, he'll start to have a very big impact, but you have to give him time,” Sainz explains, adding, “In an environment with years to notice changes. “

For example, in one of his first acts Seidl campaigned for the construction of a new wind tunnel in Woking. However, it will take years before it will be completed. Many other things, which are now in Seidl's responsibility, will be felt after some time.

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