(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lando Norris is a rookie in F1 and has yet to get used to the complex world of the premier class. The Briton, impressed by the size of the McLaren team, meets new people at Woking's plant day after day, working in departments around the most diverse areas of F1.

Lando Norris



Lando Norris is impressed with the power of McLaren's work Zoom Download

“This is just crazy,” says Norris about the personal depth at the McLaren factory. “At McLaren, it's all really great and a lot of people are working for the team, and McLaren is one of the front runners compared to the other teams, and every time I get to work, it's overwhelming.”

Since McLaren employs hundreds of people, Norris also learns in the middle of Formula One season (*******************************************************************************) still know new employees. He says, “I've talked to a lot of people before, but I still discover something new, which is great.”

Norris gets points

Norris has been in season (*******************************************************************) for McLaren in the premier class. Previously, the (*********************************************) – year-old in the Formula 2 season (************************************************************************************. Due to the good performance he got the second McLaren cockpit next to Carlos Sainz. In season (*******************************************************************************************) *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Sainz is in seventh place with (******************************************) counters


McLaren on the way back to the top (*********************************************************) McLaren is currently fourth in the Formula 1 World Championship, with an upward trend – but: 2019 It's still too early for top 3 results, our experts believe More Formula 1 videos

When asked if Norris would be under pressure as a Formula One rookie, he replies, “I'm always under pressure because of myself our team is relying on Carlos and me, but the pressure has narrowed from race to race and that's good. ” Still, many people would expect good performance now, Norris continued. However, the Brit deals with it more relaxed.

“I'm much more confident and I know that I can be even better,” says the McLaren driver militantly. “I will not let you down.” During the season in the premier class.

Comparison Formula 1. vs. Formula 2 “If I do not give proper feedback, there will be a negative effect on the upcoming updates, but it will not work in Formula 2. It's all about small improvements.”

“Formula 1 is at a whole different level,” explains Norris. “It's also about long-term development, which is something else, of course.” That's why Norris does everything it can to give its engineers the right data to help McLaren develop the updates and race car for the season (************************************************************************************) draws the right conclusions.

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