(Motorsport-Total.com) – For Romain Grosjean, the air at Haas gets thin when the speculation is right. The rumors are thickening that the Frenchman after the season The Frenchman himself holds back with information and says his future is still completely open. The Haas driver is surprisingly calm with the situation.

Romain Grosjean


Romain Grosjean has no information about his future Zoom Download

“I do not have a crystal ball”, says Grosjean. “But I'm not too worried right now, Haas is an option, but there are others, both in Formula 1 and in other series.” He also criticized the reporting: “This is partly bad journalism, because people do not even know what it's all about.”

Team Principal Günther Steiner also wants to comment on the future of Grosjean at Haas also not , He says: “Of course, if riders want to stay in the team, they have to do their job, and that's also true in this case.” The results alone are not there in focus. It's also about the frequent accidents between Grosjean and his teammate Kevin Magnussen.

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According to Grosjean, that is Relationship of the two Haas drivers completely intact. In addition, he explains why it bangs between the two so often: “We do not want to have contact, but we always qualify right next to each other, the probability is simply higher in midfield, it is also not always easy to position his car optimally. “

Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean


Gosjean and Magnussen got into the Formula 1 several times together Zoom Download

Grosjean admits that, for example, at Silverstone, things would have been different. In Great Britain, both Haas pilots had to give up the race early after contact. “Small touches sometimes have a big impact,” says Grosjean. “I'm over it and I think I do not have to do anything different, here and there, of course, there is something, but not in general.”

Should Grosjean also in the season 218614 for Haas, the Frenchman makes his goals dependent on the development of the new Haas racer: That I drive (**********************************************) into Q3 times in a row, I would make a fool of myself if the car is not In Formula 1, you can not set goals unless you have the right tool. “

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