According to the French Portal F1Only.fr Renault is expected to bring the third specification of this year's powertrain to the next race at Spa Francorchamps, which is to bring an additional team to the French team 15 horsepower.

Renault is hoping that the new update will bring them closer to the Mclaren, Toro Rosso and Alfa Romeo teams that the French manufacturer has been losing contact with lately.

Renault may be threatened with a start-up penalty when it changes gearboxes at Spa Francorchamps, as Daniel Ricciardo has already used the new powertrain in a race in Hungary.

The head of Renault's F1 powertrain unit, Remi Taffin, recently claimed that the French manufacturer has already exceeded the horsepower magical limit 1000.

“The fact is that maximum power is achieved in qualifications and then we can also exceed 1000 horsepower powers. In a race, power typically ranges between 950 and 960 horsepower. A lot depends on the track and the temperatures. “

Verstappen: If Renault has

horsepower, then they have a really bad car

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