(Motorsport-Total.com) – 2021 Should Formula 1 start into a new era . Will Mercedes continue with its own factory team? There are currently no concrete signs that the Silver Arrows could withdraw from the premier class in the near future. But it is also clear that the objectives in Formula 1 are slowly starting to run out. ********************************************************************************************. win.

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Mercedes is currently planning a farewell from the Formula 1 Zoom Download

According to team boss Toto Wolff, this is no reason for the Daimler Group to withdraw from Formula One – on the contrary. “Mercedes is good for the platform, which has not changed,” he clarifies, explaining that even the farewell to Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche does not change anything. The (*********************************************************************************************************************)

“It never depends on individuals, but rather we are a big structure”, Wolff explains and reveals: “It is important that we abolish the rules If that happens, he sees no reason for Mercedes to turn its back on the premier class. “The numbers speak for themselves, Formula One is our biggest showcase,” he explains.

“The advertising and PR value that we generate is enormous, and it is increasing,” reports the Austrian, revealing: “We are meeting exactly the target groups we reach the buyers of performance models, AMG cars, and the aspirational buyer, advertising value is a factor. ” And that's not just the naked numbers, as Wolff reveals.

“The image value of competing and winning the race against the best, and thus always being on the sports pages , has been a major contributor to how the brand is perceived positively in recent years, “says Wolff. As of next season, Mercedes will be represented alongside Formula 1 in the Formula E with a factory team.

(**********************************************************************) The Formula 1 Driver Market for the Season are currently not yet definitively awarded. That fuels the rumors and speculation in the Silly Season Further Formula 1 videos

According to Wolff, this is not an either / or question. He does not believe that the premier class will soon be leaving because of the Formula E, “because the numbers we bring with the Formula 1 commitment continue to develop enormously positively.” Wolff explains: “As Mercedes, we have three billion US dollars per year -Dollar equivalent. “

” This does not include the PR, when it comes to the sports side, that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes win.The price-performance ratio is commercially very positive There is no doubt that this topic needs to be better marketed in the field of hybrid engines in Formula One, and that perhaps even more with a new engine regulation 2024 Moving towards hybrid, is also clear, “said Wolff.

Currently, it does not look as if Mercedes already his appearance in Formula 1 with its own factory team after about ten years already will finish again.

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