Longtime F1 journalist Peter Windsor is convinced that the arrival of Charles Leclerc to Ferrari has broken the balance within the squad, which he believes is the main cause of this year’s problems for the Maranello team.

Charles Leclerc replaced Kimi Raikkonen with Ferrari last season, and despite three pole positions, Ferrari is still waiting for his first win in F1 2019.

Windsor believes that Leclerc’s arrival did more harm than good to Ferrari.

“It is fascinating to see the effect that the arrival of Charles Leclerc had on Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel. It seems like Leclerc has completely shattered the balance on a Ferrari team. With his speed, Leclerc confused Vettel, who lost confidence. They know in which direction they need to take the car, on the other hand, there are a lot of unspecified things. Charles is there and Vettel is confused about this, which is a big problem for Ferrari. “

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