In Formula One history so far, only six women have had the opportunity to compete in the F1 race. Although you are the founder of t.i. Formula One women David Coulthard wants a greater presence of women in motorsport, emphasizing that Formula One racing should be the best racers, regardless of gender.

In the year 2019, under the guidance of former racer David Coulthard, the light of the world saw the new racing series “W” in solely by gentlemen.

In addition to Coulthard, “female formula” executives include Adrian Newey, former McLarn sports director Dave Ryan, and Matt Bishop, communications manager at McLarn.

Colthard points out that the women's racing series was founded on the grounds of equal participation of women in motorsport and their preparation for Formula One racing, something that has not happened since the year 1970.

“A good racer must be talented, determined, competitive, courageous and physically fit. Unlike some other sports, racing does not require special “super powers.” At the same time, you do not need to be a man if you want to become a successful racer. That is why in the W Series we believe that men and women can compete equally under the same conditions. There are currently quite a few drivers in the W Series who could also race in Formula 1. But the question is whether they are good enough to challenge Hamilton or Verstapp on the track. Formula 1 racers should be able to race with the best. “

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