(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren dominates in Formula 1 season 2019 the race for the title of “the best of the rest” in fourth place in the team ranking. The veteran rider, who had a tough time last year, scored twice as many points as Toro Rosso in fifth. According to team manager Andreas Seidl, McLaren has improved in many areas, which is why the lead is the fair reward.

Lando Norris


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Although Toro Rosso and Racing Point have scored better individual results, McLaren is unbeatable due to his consistency in midfield. Both McLaren drivers scored points four times – the other teams managed to do that twice at most.

Compared to 'Motorsport-Total.com', Andreas Seidl says: “Fourth place is great and we have not only because of the car's performance, but on average the vehicle has the potential to finish between fourth and seventh, but there are other areas where we're competitive, such as launches, pit stops, strategies and drivers. “

Constance the key to success

(*********************************************************************) McLaren on the way back to the top

McLaren is currently fourth in the Formula 1 World Championship, with an upward trend – but: (***************************************************************************) too early for top 3 results, our experts believe

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This v According to Seidl, various factors are why McLaren scored so many points every year While his team is consistently in the points, the other teams have problems collecting counters continuously. Seidl says the other teams are experiencing major fluctuations in performance and therefore fail to score regularly.

McLaren performance director Andrea Stella sees a total of six teams on one level: McLaren, Renault, Toro Rosso, Haas, Alfa Romeo and Racing Point, who have caught up with new updates on the quintet. “It's not about the overall standings or the race results, but the performance potential,” says the performance chief.

Andreas Seidl


Lando Norris

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According to Stella, the six teams usually separate only two tenths, which is why it is in the midfield of the premier class in the season 219547 so close. “It immediately explains why so many other factors are crucial to getting points,” he says. “But I have an important concept: We have to remain modest, because actually we have not achieved anything.”

Long-term goals more important Lando Norris take another step forward with the car for next year “, says Seidl. “Of course I want to get fourth, but it's more important for me to focus on making the right conclusions and taking the next step.”

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