(Motorsport-Total.com) – Daniel Ricciardo joined in 17 years ago to Red Bull, because of the team's attentive attention to the talented racer. Since the season (**********************************************************************************************************************************************) According to Ricciardo, it's more important in racing to get results than to show his personality.

Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean


Daniel Ricciardo considers Formula One results more important than character Zoom Download

“Luckily, I did not have to worry too much about sponsors,” says Ricciardo about his beginnings. “At home there were family and friends who helped me, but that was more because Dad had good friends, which made it easier, and then Red Bull took care of everything and took care of me.” Sponsoring in the early days was nothing, which would have influenced me greatly. “

Results” speak a clear language ” And to ensure a financial income outside of your Formula One contract, bottom line, and more than anything else, results speak a clear language. “

With the personality, drivers can but build up an existence away from the racing scene and it is important to sell them well on the outside. Ricciardo also sees that, “Sure, if you look at it from the financial side, then it's important to build something for yourself, maybe outside of motorsport, so you have as many options as possible, but otherwise it's about results.”

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According to Ricciardo, however, an interaction between athletic success and personality also works very well. An example of this is Lewis Hamilton, who has many fields of activity in addition to Formula 1, such as fashion. Ricciardo believes, however, that the Brit also benefits from having five world titles in his account. Hamilton was only able to build up the other activities because of his sporting success.

Opportunities for young drivers

Ricciardo looks similar to young riders who want to prove themselves in Formula One: “I think results help if Lando [Norris] is a bad one on paper His mood would not be so good, so it would be safe to focus on racing rather than Instagram. “

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As with Hamilton sees Ricciardo here an interaction: “It works Hand in Hand It is important to take advantage of current events, if you have good results, a run, then you can maximize that and put yourself in the spotlight. “

Renault the right choice the podium. His main criterion, to achieve good results, he achieved in the French team only in rare cases. Nevertheless, the Australian does not regret his change. He firmly believes in the project at Renault.

“After Max [Verstappen] won in Austria, I was asked if I regret switching to Renault, but no, I regret it not, “said Ricciardo, who has a contract with Renault until the season “Because I have the feeling that I am still in exactly the same position at Red Bull, it would be like in previous years, maybe with podiums, maybe not.”

” This year, I'm working with new engineers, and learned a lot about myself, “he explains. “It's a bit more difficult, a little further back in the grid, but personally I already knew that I would have to get more out of myself this year, but with Red Bull, I probably would have just kept doing the same, with the same people.”

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