(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Grand Prix of Germany was so far the only Formula 1 race of the season 2019, in which there was a pilot on the podium with Daniil Kwjat who does not drive for Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull. This was made possible by the weather and the resulting chaotic circumstances. Of course, especially the midfielder teams would like to see more chances in the future, as for Toro Rosso in Hockenheim.

Lewis Hamilton


Also Lewis Hamilton came in Hockenheim several times off the track Zoom Download

“If they mechanically reduce the gap between the midfield and the top teams, then there will be […] some events in the season where this can happen,” points out Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur

the new Formula 1 regulations 2021 optimistic. “Currently this is not the case,” he knows. As a rule, the three top teams share all the podium places among themselves.

“The top six could crash in the first lap, come to the pits, swap the nose and the rear wing 'come back, and they would still overtake us,' Vasseur expresses the situation a bit drastically. For all teams behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, a maximum of seventh place in a race is a realistic goal.

Our vision for Formula 1 (**********************************************************************************)

Officially, there are no rules for the Formula 1 season 2021. Nevertheless, we have thought about what we like to see Further Formula 1 videos

Vasseur hopes and believes that could change if 2021 the budget cap and a new technical regulation will be introduced. Also Red Bull team boss Christian Horner looks similar. “I think so,” he replies to the question of whether there could be races like in Hockenheim 2019 even without changeable weather. In fact, there have been many good races in the last race – even in the dry.

“We've seen great racing in Austria and even at Silverstone,” he says, explaining: “The tires are playing It will therefore be important to [2021] get the tires and aerodynamics in order for the riders to follow each other and ride each other hard. ” The goal must be “more races” than the last to get.

“We know what made for these good races,” he reveals and explains: “It was partly because of the Track, partly on the tires. ” He personally also wants less complex cars. That could then ensure that the field is brought closer together. Indeed, in the race mentioned by Horner there was indeed good racing.

Apart from the three top teams, nobody was able to get involved at the front.

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